Attendees List : 11th Annual Sino International Freight Forwarders Conference

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  Shanghai Safety International Forwarder Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Director  Mr. Ken Zhu Yuancheng  
 Oversea Manager  Ms. Ava Feng Qian  
 "K" Line Zhenhua Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Manger  Mr. Lee Cilff  
 Ms. Sun Annie  
 Mr. Zhang Fred  
 3K Logistics Services  Turkey  Istanbul  Sales & Marketing Manager  Ms. Muge Alanbay  
 Managing Director  Mr. Eser Coruhlu  
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Network Development Manager Netherlands  Mrs. Kit Yuen  
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution d.o.o.  Slovenia  Koper  Network Development Manager Slovenia  Mrs. Choi-ha Hon-bak Cat  
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution Transport  Austria  Vienna  Network Development Manager Austria  Mr. Rudolf Martin  
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution Transport GmbH  Austria  Fischamend  Corporate Route Manager North America  Mr. Ronald Klein  
 Germany  Frankfurt  Network Development Manager Germany  Mr. Daniel Hanisch  
 Munich  Corporate Route Manager Greater China  Ms. Christen Wang  
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo sp. z.o.o.  Poland  Warsaw  Director Business Development  Mr. Lubos Lukac  
 ACE Global Logistics  Australia  Sydney  General Manager  Ms. Emily Cao
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 Across The Ocean Shipping Limited  Australia  Melbourne  Managing Director  Mr. David Aherne
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 Active Freight Services (Pvt). Ltd.  Pakistan  Karachi  Managing Director  Mr. Muhammad Saqib Iqbal  
 Manager Overseas  Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Aijaz Shah  
 ADV Logistics Limited  United Kingdom  Birmingham  Owner  Mr. Steven Brian Pell  
 Aero Lines GmbH  Switzerland  Zurich  President  Mr. Sri Rasamanickam  
 Al Eid International Logistic Co.  Kuwait  Kuwait  Business Development Manager  Mr. Suheb Ismail Dware
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 ALFA FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  Zimbabwe  Harare  Director  Mrs. Modester Mlambo  
 All Systems Logistics, Inc.  Philippines  Manila  Managing Director  Mr. Anthony Dexter Yu  
 All World Shipping Corp.  United States of America  Tampa, FL  Vice President of Business and Process Development  Mr. Gerard J. Debow
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 President and COO  Mr. Ross V. Stemmler
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 Altius, S.A.  Spain  Madrid  COO  Mr. Antonio Mendez  
 America Global Logistics  Costa Rica  San Jose  President  Mr. Alejo J. Aguilar
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 AMI Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  Import Manager  Mr. Noman Rauf  
 Angelfreight GmbH, International Freight Forwarders  Germany  Frankfurt  Vice President  Mrs. Silvia Glock
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 Apex Logistics International (CN) Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Development Supervisor  Ms. Joyce Jiang  
 Armada International (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Malaysia  Port Klang  General Manager  Ms. Cindy Tan
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 Deputy Genneral Manager  Mr. Kenneth Lee
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 ASB LOGISTICS CO.,LTD  China  Shenzhen  general manager  Ms. Sun Wenfang  
 ASG WIND Transport SRL  Romania  Bucharest  Operations Manager  Mr. Sorin Rapan
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 Seafreight Manager  Mrs. Florenta Vintila
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 Asia Overseas Transport Co., Inc.  Philippines  Manila  President & CEO  Ms. Cynthia Reyes Tsui
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 Asset Lojistik A.S  Turkey  Istanbul  Logistics manager  Mr. Eray Ozsahin
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 Associated Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  Executive Director  Mr. Ravindra Rajwade  
 Asthon Cargo Catalunya, S.L.  Spain  Barcelona  General Manager  Mr. Alfred Gracia  
 Astro Express Logistics Pte. Ltd.  Singapore  Singapore  Supervisor  Mr. Zhen Mi  
 Director  Mr. Richard Y.m Leo
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 ATAT-CO TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS INC  Turkey  Istanbul  Managing Partner  Mr. Fadi Atat  
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Tamer Tatar  
 AZ LOGISTIC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  general manager  Mr. Ziead Ahmed
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 Sales Executive  Mr. Hussameddin Dekmak
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 Ms. Bea Zyrene Del Rosario
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 CEO  Mr. Aneis Zoreik
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 AZ Logistics Company Kabul Afghanistan  Afghanistan  Kabul  MD  Mr. Hassan Shiraz
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 B&M Logistica Internacional Ltda  Brazil  Itajai  Pricing & Sales Manager  Mr. Glauco Andrade  
 Director  Mr. Sergio Bini  
 Mr. Alexandre Bini  
 Barsan Global Logistics  Turkey  Istanbul  Air Freight Manager/Germany  Mr. Reinhold Hanel  
 Director/Korea  Mr. Erdogan Karanfil
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 Director of Global Ocean Freight  Mr. Burak Celikkaya  
 Sales and Marketing Manager/France  Mr. Cenk Abukay  
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 Marketing & Sales Manager in Germany  Mr. Sascha Rebbe  
 Regional Director/Spain  Mr. Yavuz Mete Gumusoglu  
 Director/Hongkong  Mr. Murat Bakan  
 Marketing Manager/England  Mr. David Weston  
 Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  General Manager  Mr. Bill James Clayden
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 Best Services International Freight Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Overseas Manager - Air freight  Ms. Nancy Wong
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 Shanghai  CEO  Mr. Wilson Wong
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 Shenzhen  Overseas Manager - Ocean freight  Ms. Daphne Ye
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 Xiamen  Overseas Manager - Air freight  Ms. Sabrina Yu
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 Bin Yousef Cargo Express WLL  Qatar  Doha  SENIOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER  Ms. Preethi Anna Stephan  
 Managing Director  Mr. George Mathew  
 Bosphorus Express Shipping Logistics Ltd.  Turkey  Mersin  SALES MANAGER  Mr. Mahmut Nedim Cagin  
 Boss Continental, S.L.  Spain  Madrid  Business Development Manager  Ms. Cristina De Santisteban Perez
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 BZS - Brazil Cargo Services  Brazil  Itajai  Commercial Director  Mr. Pedro Ferrari
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 CAAC Peng Yuan Aviation Service Company  China  Beijing  Manager of Import Division  Mrs. Wu Xiuying  
 Flight Routes Manager  Mrs. Li Xuanzi  
 CAMC TRANSPORTATION CO.,LTD.  China  Beijing  Department Manager  Mr. Mason Song
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 General Manager Assistant  Mr. Allen Dang
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 Canadian Customs Brokers Inc.  Canada  Toronto  Operatoin Manager  Mrs. Jessie Singh
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 PRESIDENT  Mr. Ken Singh
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 Capital One Shipping & Logistics  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Sales Manager  Mr. Farrukh Mumtaz Paracha
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 DIRECTOR  Mr. Kashif Rafiq Ahmed
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 Capricorn Logistics Inc.  United States of America  Chicago, IL  General Manager  Mr. Timothy Wojno
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 Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Girish Barve
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 Cargo Net Logistics S.A.  Chile  Santiago  Imports and Operations Manager  Ms. Carolina Ramirez  
 Cargomind (Austria) GmbH  Austria  Vienna  Managing Director  Mr. Walter Hoffelner
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 Sales  Mrs. Karin Lehner
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 CaribEx Worldwide, Inc.  United States of America  Greensboro, NC  President  Mr. John Ford
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 Vice President  Mr. Eddie Knight
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 CIO  Ms. Lisa Travis
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 CHINA NATIONAL MATERIALS STORAGE AND TRANSOPORTAION CORPORATION  China  Beijing  General Manager of Project Logistics Department  Mr. David Ju
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 China Raiser International Logistics (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.  China  Dalian  overseas executive  Mrs. Selina Liu  
 Mr. Zai Jiang Jing  
 Ms. Alice Yu  
 Ms. Fish Yu  
 Circle Global Logistics  Saudi Arabia  Jeddah  CEO  Mr. Bassam Farah  
 General Manager  Mr. Moataz Al Huniti  
 CITY OCEAN LOGISTICS CO. LTD.  China  Shanghai  Manager  Ms. Ning Cynthia  
 Complant International Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Deputy General Manager  Ms. Doris Zhang
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 Complete Shipping Ltd  Bangladesh  Dhaka  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Quazi Mashunuzzaman  
 Chairman  Mr. Mohammad Maniruzzaman  
 Connect Cargo Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  CEO  Mr. Santharam H L
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 Conturk Shipping  Turkey  Istanbul  INTL BUSINESS EXECUTIVE  Mr. Nebi Enes Agyildiz
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 DIRECTOR  Mr. Hasan Elmadag
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 Cotalia S.R.L.  Italy  Milan  AIRFREIGHT EXPORT MANAGER  Mr. Lorenzo Delogu  
 CSS Pakistan (Private) Limited  Pakistan  Karachi  Country Manager  Mr. Muhammad Asghar
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 Customs Clearance Limited  United Kingdom  London  Business Development  Mr. Neo Kong  
 Ms. Sharon Zheng  
 D-C-I Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Chongqing  Manager  Ms. Leaon Che
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 Ms. Eleven Yang
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 Ms. Maggie Zhou
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 Daco Logistics GmbH  Austria  Vienna  Director & General Manager  Ms. Claudia Lederhofer
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 Managing Director  Mr. Joachim Ley
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 Dalian Evergrown Forwarding  China  Dalian  dalian  Mrs. Xiang Li  
 DLF Global Logistics Pty Ltd  Australia  Melbourne  DIRECTOR  Mr. Derek Lim
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 DN Freight  South Africa  Johannesburg  General Manager  Mr. Haydn Van Niekerk  
 Dolphin Logistics Co., Ltd.  Taiwan  Taipei  Global Network Agency - Executive Assistant to President  Ms. Peggy Kao
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 Overseas Business Department - Vice President  Ms. Flora Huang  
 DONG NAM Logistics Co., Ltd - Hochiminh Branch  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Vice Director  Mr. Albert Nguyen Huyen Thang Long  
 Dynamic Shipping Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd.  Pakistan  Karachi  Asst. Manager Imports  Mr. Sher Ali  
 General Manager  Mr. Abdul Samad
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 D`Alessandro Logistics  Tunisia  Rades  Business development manager  Mrs. Soumaya Kichah  
 Eagle Air Agencies  Belgium  Brussels  MD  Mr. Axel De Greef  
 Assistant Manager  Mrs. Hilde Mangelschots  
 Eagle Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  operation manager  Mrs. Esther Lee  
 East Global Logistics Kenya Ltd.  Kenya  Mombasa  Director  Mr. Sikandar A. Abdulgani Pasta  
 Mr. Mehboob A. Chatu Virji  
 EGS Global Forwarding  Pakistan  Karachi  Director  Mr. Faheem Iqbal Khan
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 EMIRATES Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Manager- Pricing & International Networking  Mr. Sandeep M Bhojane
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 Empire Logistics Co., Ltd.  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Group Managing Director  Mr. Peter Chew
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 Erne-Mix, Lda  Angola  Luanda  CEO  Mr. Ernesto M Kambinda  
 Euroway International Logistics GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  Managing Director  Ms. Ellen Ma  
 Ever Trust Int`l Forwarding Co., Ltd  China  Guangzhou  overseas marketing manager  Ms. Chris Chan  
 Everest International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Supervisor  Ms. Kiku Huang  
 Vice General Manager  Ms. Asjoy Lee  
 Everok Air  China  Shanghai  Airfreight Overseas Marketing Supervisor  Mr. Nicky Zhang  
 Everokgroup International Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  President  Mr. Billy Hu  
 Manager of Europe Trade  Ms. Wendy Zou  
 Director of USA&CAN Lane  Ms. Mary Wang  
 Facilities Shipping Agency  Pakistan  Karachi  Country Manager & Brand Ambassador  Mr. Naeem Ullah Naeem  
 Managing Director  Mr. Umair Malik  
 General Manager Groupage  Mr. Abid Motan  
 Falcon Logistics Solution Co., Ltd.  Thailand  Bangkok  Managing Director  Mr. Wichien Rungpanya  
 Famous Cargo Line  Bangladesh  Chittagong  Single Owner  Mr. Ujjal. Kanti Chowdhury
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 Fast Forward Cargo LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Director - Sales  Mr. Sajith Mm  
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Harry Tham  
 Fast Forward Freight B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Sales Manager  Mr. Wouter Van Schaverbeke  
 Fast Forward Freight BVBA  Belgium  Brussels  Sales Manager  Ms. Soonhae Cho  
 Ferrer Forwarders, S.L.  Spain  Barcelona  Director  Mr. Paco Ferrer  
 FMI Groupe  France  Marseille  Sales Representative  Mr. Nordine Brahimi  
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Denis Subra  
 CHAIRMAN  Mr. Philippe Vincent  
 Forwarding Condal S.A.  Spain  Barcelona  Business Development Manager  Mr. Miguel Corell  
 Fratelli Salvadori  Italy  Milan  Managing Director  Mr. Tommaso Salvadori
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 Frontier United Australia Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  Manager  Mr. Andy Zhuang  
 Managing Director  Mrs. Anny Liang  
 GCI Maldives Pvt., Ltd  Maldives  Male  Director  Mr. Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahman
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 GCL Logistics Ltd  United Kingdom  London  Managing Director  Mr. Colin Irving
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 Global Logistics SARL  Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The  Lubumbashi  Director  Mr. Senthil Sankaran  
 MD  Mr. Sundar Ganesan  
 Globus Transitos Pvt. Ltd.  India  New Delhi  COO  Mr. Aditya Modi
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 DIRECTOR  Mr. Sameer Jain
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 Grander Logistics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Overseas Business Manager  Ms. Crystal Yang  
 GV International N.V./S.A.  Belgium  Brussels  CEO  Mr. Guy J.v. Van Immerseel
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 HADAF MARINE CO., LTD.  Turkey  Istanbul  DIRECTOR  Ms. Bita Hosseinzadeh
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 Uzbekistan  Tashkent  PRESIDENT  Mr. Kamran Hosseinzadeh
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 HAMAG  Morocco  Casablanca  Forwarding Manager  Mr. El Kadiri Boutchich Hicham  
 Han Wan International Logistics (SHA) Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  oversea dept manager  Ms. Jessy Jia  
 overseas communication  Ms. Bonnie Qin  
 Hanstong International Forwarder Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Financial Manager  Ms. Kelly Yuan  
 Managing Director  Mr. Tony Wei  
 Overseas Assistant  Ms. Amy Chan  
 Overseas Director  Ms. Melody Ho  
 Headway Speed Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  President  Mr. Kevin Hsu
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 Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Sales  Ms. Colly Qiu  
 Overseas Development Director  Ms. Linda Leung  
 Hong Yue Logistics ( Shenzhen ) Limited  China  Shenzhen  Sales Manager  Mr. Lin Guang Quan
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 Brach Manager  Mrs. Yang Zhen Hua
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 Sales Excutive  Ms. Chen Jie
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 Horizon International Cargo S.L.  Spain  Barcelona   Trade Lane Manager  Mr. Jose Manuel Lopez  
 Hunan Highgoal International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd  China  Changsha  overseas sales manager  Mrs. Nancy Yin  
 sale manager  Mr. Sail Zhou  
 ICAT Logistics, Inc.  United States of America  Miami, FL  Vice President of Latin America  Mr. Jaime Cabrera  
 Inter American Cargo Group S.A.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Operations Manager  Mr. Mariano Noble  
 Interfreight Antwerp NV  Belgium  Antwerp  Managing Director  Mr. Koen Verbies  
 Interlite Global Logistics Sdn Bhd  Malaysia  Klang  General Manager  Mr. Vince Yong
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 Janco International Freight (China) Ltd  China  Shanghai  Group Customer Service Manager  Ms. Lilian Ge  
 Janco International Freight Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Assistant Manager - International Business Development  Ms. Emily Chou  
 Group General Manager - International Business Development  Mr. Rem Tai  
 JarTrans Logistics Ltd  Bangladesh  Dhaka  Managing Director  Mr. Abm Jahurul Islam  
 JCT (China) Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Agent Dept. Manager  Ms. Jennifer Tian
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 Jiangsu Haihang International Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Changzhou  Vice Operation Manager  Ms. Jieli Wang  
 Manager  Mr. Xiaolin Zhang  
 JJ Logistics Co Ltd  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Ms. Jessie Wang  
 JoyHigh Shipping Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Marketing Manager  Ms. Mina Mo
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 General Manager  Mr. Ricky Leung
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 KAPCHI CAPITAL MINING IMPORT AND EXPORT CLEARING LTD  Zambia  Livingstone  Director  Mr. Christopher Mulenga Kapande  
 KIFFCO - King`s-Line Int`l Freight Forwarding Company  Afghanistan  Kabul  President & CEO  Mr. Asadullah Khan  
 Kimex Air & Sea Co., Ltd.  Korea, Republic Of  Seoul  Managing Director  Mr. Daniel Kim
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 sales & project manager  Mr. Lyon Lim
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 Agent Coordinator  Mr. Eric Koo
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 KS Global Air and Sea Logistics Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  General Manager  Mr. Johnny Hung
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 KSP Shipping & Logistics Ltd  Nigeria  Lagos  MD  Mr. Kola Olusegun Aderibigbe
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 Link Bridge (Beijing) International Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Beijing  The Director of Marine Department Sales  Mr. Levan Tavadze
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 Lofas Logistics Limited  Nigeria  Lagos  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Bola Lawrence Adeyemi
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 CEO  Mr. Olalekan Lawrence Fashola
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 INTL RELATION OFFICER  Ms. Regina Omega Ogwuche
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 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  Mr. Ibrahim Olabamiji Dauda
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 LoginPort S.A.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Manager  Mr. Pablo Sccasso  
 LTG Group  South Africa  Johannesburg  Business Development Manager  Mr. Bertu Pienaar  
 Managing Director  Mr. Norman Nicholson  
 Magellan Logistics Tanzania Ltd  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  Director  Mr. Sankar Venugopal  
 Country Manager  Mr. Krishna Kumar  
 Marinetrans India Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  DIRECTOR  Mr. Tiraj Kotian
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 Mr. Amit Anil Parikh
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 MAXFREIGHT LOGISTICS, INC.  Philippines  Paranaque City  Business Development Officer  Mrs. Arlene Gubalane
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 Maywell International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Nanjing  General Manager  Ms. Viviana Wang  
 Vice General Manager  Ms. Julie Zhu  
 Metro International Asia (Pvt) Ltd  Sri Lanka  Colombo  Manager Operations  Mr. Tharindu Shashanga Perera
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 C.E.O  Mr. Joseph Dinesh Rodrigo
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 Minsheng Shipping Co., Ltd.  China  Chongqing  deputy manager  Ms. Jane Lei  
 Ms. Sophie Li  
 Mira Transport Services Ltd  Turkey  Istanbul  Managing Director  Mr. Alev Aksoy Aksoy  
 Overseas Departmant Manager  Mrs. Reyhan Kiran  
 Modern Express International, Inc.  Taiwan  Taipei  Sales Executive  Ms. Annie Nieh  
 Ms. Heidy Yang  
 Sales Manager  Ms. Catherine Chen  
 Managing Director  Mr. Tony Kuo  
 Msharib Shipping & logistics  Pakistan  Karachi  Manager Logistics  Mr. Arshad Alamgeer  
 Managing Director  Mr. Mohammad Azhar
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 Multifreight Consolidator System, Inc.  Philippines  Manila  President  Mrs. Eileen Bautista
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 Import Manager  Ms. Imelda Buencuchillo
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 Nakhoda Logistics Sdn. Bhd.  Malaysia  Port Klang  General Manager  Ms. Vanessa Lim  
 NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  Managing Director  Mr. Erhard Nielsen  
 OBT Shipping AG  China  Beijing  office operation  Ms. Yanan Wei  
 Chief Representative  Mrs. Qianqian Lin  
 Ocean Bright Logistics Limited  China  Shanghai  Managing Director  Mr. David Ma  
 Oceanic Logistics Ltd  Cyprus  Limassol  Business Development  Mr. George Stouppas  
 OceanLink Bolivia SRL  Bolivia  La Paz  CEO  Mrs. Karen Marion Sarmiento Dlauhy  
 COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT  Mrs. Gusty Andrea Cardenas Sarmiento  
 Ola Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Managing Director  Mr. Qun Dai  
 ORBIT MARITIME LTD  Nigeria  Lagos  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Olapade Timothy  
 Overseas Container Shipping Line Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER  Mr. Xiang Yu Zhang  
 Pacific Integrated Logistics Co., Ltd  Taiwan  Taipei  President  Mr. Clark Lin
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 Pacific Logistics International  Pakistan  Faisalabad  CEO  Mr. Awais Mukhtar
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 Business Development Manager  Ms. Adila Noreen
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 PIF Global Logistics Shenzhen head-office  China  Shenzhen  General Manager of Guangzhou Branch  Mr. Tolly Xiong  
 Manager of Ocean Dept.  Ms. Zibby Yan  
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Rex Xia  
 PKG Global Corporate Sdn.Bhd.  Malaysia  Port Klang  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Jackson Sia B J  
 DIRECTOR  Ms. Christie Ong H T  
 Polish Forwarding Company Sp. z o.o.  Poland  Warsaw  Vice President, CEO  Mr. Bartosz Filip Samulak
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 Primy Ocean Air Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Branch Manager  Mr. Luke Zhang  
 Overseas Development Manager  Mr. Jason Wong  
 Pro Global Logistics Pty. Ltd.  Australia  Melbourne  CEO  Mr. Louis Che Cheung  
 Qatar Airways  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Regional Cargo Manager NEA  Mr. Bevan De Melo  
 Qingdao JD Cargo International Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  VICE GENERAL MANAGER  Mrs. Pu Yue Zhu  
 Quick Cargo Service GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  Route Development Manager  Mrs. Jitong Ohletz-wang  
 Mr. Christoph Matthes  
 Ocean Manager  Mr. Ingo Schmich  
 Racing Cargo Mexico SA de CV  Mexico  Monterrey  Business Development  Mr. Carlos Ortiz  
 Ranks Logistics L.L.C. (Facilities Shipping Agency Group)  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Director Commercial  Mr. Syed Faisal Ahmed  
 Razor Cargo Services  United States of America  New York, NY  vice president  Mr. Shahryar M Haq  
 Reliance Freight Systems LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Dgm Sea Freight and Agency Networking  Mr. Ras Masood  
 Dgm Air freight  Mr. Ashish Dean  
 RGS Worldwide Freight Solutions  Thailand  Bangkok  Managing Director  Mr. Nilkamal Seneviratne  
 RR Shipping Private Limited  India  Navi Mumbai  Director  Mr. Rakesh Shah
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 Ms. Jayashree Rane
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 Rush Cargo S.R.L.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Managing Partner  Mr. Daniel Marcelo Tarditti  
 S S L Logistics Co., Ltd.  Thailand  Bangkok  Managing Director  Mr. Jesada Taveesupapong  
 Shanghai Boing International Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mr. Lin Gui
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 Shanghai CYTS International Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Customer Service Supervisor /Overseas Dept.  Mrs. Ling Zhou  
 Shanghai Prosun Int`l Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Vice Managing Director  Mr. Pengjie Pan
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 Shanghai TOPFOR Logistics International Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Business Department  Ms. Alice Liu
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 Ms. Susan Yu
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 Ms. Joey Zhang
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 SHANGHAI YOUTHEVER FREIGHT CO.,LTD  China  Shanghai  Overseas Manager  Mrs. Wenyu Tang  
 Shenzhen Deyong International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Sales Manager  Mr. Lampson Lai
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 Shenzhen Sino-Ocean International Transportation Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  518029  Mr. Lum Huang  
 Mr. Jeff Leemu  
 Shirams Services Limited  Nigeria  Lagos  Managing Director  Mr. Omoruyi Osemwekhae
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 SHUTTLE CORPORATION  Japan  Tokyo  Director  Mr. Hitoshi Yoshino
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 Deputy General Manager  Mr. Hiroyuki Jojima
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 Silk Express Freight Pte. Ltd.  Japan  Tokyo  Customer Services Executive  Ms. Ayako Tomizuka  
 Director  Ms. Atsuko Domae  
 Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur  Asst Branch Manager  Ms. Michiko Chang  
 Singapore  Singapore  Customer Services Officer  Ms. Anita Song  
 Managing Director  Mr. Benjamin Khoo  
 Silk Route Shipping SRL  Romania  Constanta  Sales Manager  Mrs. Raluca Dinu
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 Mrs. Anda Bolovan
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 Sindhu Cargo Services Private Limited  India  Bangalore  SENIOR MANAGER-MARKETING  Mr. Guna Ranjan Mahalinge Gowda  
 SINO Connections Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Thailand  Bangkok  SALES MANAGER  Mr. Chayut Tripipitsiriwat
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 Mr. Wanchana Viengnon
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 Sino-Eagle International Transport Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Int. Bus Dev Mgr  Mr. Rob Lloyd  
 SinoBo International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Tianjin  PRESIDENT  Mr. Richard Zhang
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 Sky International Logistics (Ningbo) Ltd.  China  Ningbo  Sales Manager  Ms. Angela Chen
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 Slade Shipping Inc.  United States of America  Houston, TX  President  Mr. Robert Joe Peska
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 Smart Logistics  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Customer service Import  Mr. Juan Bosch
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 General Manager  Mr. Raymond Van Der Veld
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 SPARX logistics  China  Shanghai  Air Freight Manager  Mr. Bronco Xie  
 The President  Mr. Georges Mejaes  
 Managing Director  Mr. Pierre Geagea  
 Speedlink Cargo  Zimbabwe  Harare  Director  Mr. Joseph Muchena  
 ST Global Forwarding & Logistics Services Co Ltd.  Turkey  Istanbul  CEO  Mr. Tolga Kiremitcioglu  
 Swift Freight (I) Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Harish Pandeya
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 Synergy Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  New Delhi  Managing Director  Mr. Siva Sankaran Earinjipurath
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 T.V.L. Global Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Mars Lu  
 Mr. Lv Yang  
 Overseas Lane Manager  Ms. Maggie Yang  
 Overseas Dept. Manager  Mr. Fernando Wu  
 TCI International Logistics BV (TCI Group)  Netherlands  Rotterdam  Managing Director  Mr. Johannes Grimm  
 TCI International Logistics GmbH (TCI Group)  Germany  Hamburg  Managing Director  Mr. Marcus Schlapper
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 Team International Transport Ltd  Israel  Tel Aviv  CEO  Mr. Noam Pengas  
 Tokyo Freight Services Co W.L.L.  Qatar  Doha  Sales Manager  Mr. Rajesh Nottamkandath
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 Managing Director  Mr. Abdulla Muthanikatt
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 Tokyo Sanyu Shipping Co., Ltd.  Japan  Tokyo  PRESIDENT  Mr. Toru Inoue
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 TOP-INGENTRACT SARL  Benin  Cotonou  Director Management  Mr. Houetchekpo Bidossessi  
 Deputy General Manager  Mr. Hangnilo Aurel Armel Codjo  
 Tradeport Hong Kong Limited  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Head of Supply Chain Solutions  Mr. H.k. Man
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 Chief Executive Officer  Mr. Kenneth Bell
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 Account Manager, Supply Chain Solutions  Mr. Eric Lai
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 Tradewings (Chile) Ltd.  Chile  Santiago  Managing Director  Mr. Ian M. Taylor  
 Sales Director  Mrs. Catherine D. Taylor  
 Mr. Malcom G. Taylor  
 Trans Business International  France  Lyon  Branch Manager  Ms. Siham Tuison  
 Paris  Managing Director  Mr. Mickael Boura  
 Trans-Trade, Inc.  United States of America  Dallas, TX  CEO  Mr. Scott Thomas Brinks  
 Transitop Logistics (China) Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Managing Director  Mr. Chan Alan  
 Vice General Manager  Mrs. Gao Fanny
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 Transocean  Russian Federation  Moscow  CEO  Mrs. Ulle Lipre  
 Director  Mr. Jevgenij Fedorenko  
 Transocean Shipping International Transport & Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.  Turkey  Istanbul  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Korkut Aykan  
 Transpole Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  New Delhi  GM Shanghai  Ms. Jennifer Xu  
 Director Hong Kong & PRC & Fareast Commercial  Ms. Rashi Gangwani  
 General Manager - Qingdao  Ms. Betty Liu  
 Group CEO  Mr. Anant Choudhary
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 Tranzgate Express (Pvt) Ltd  Sri Lanka  Colombo  Managing Director  Mr. Vasanthakumar Rajakantham  
 Triple Stone International Logistics Company Limited  China  Shanghai  overseas biz development  Mr. Yang Hao  
 Mr. Liu Ling  
 Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd  Kenya  Mombasa  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Shadrack Mayende Wasike
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 Unibright Logistics Limited  United Kingdom  London  Director  Mrs. Linda Yang
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 Univan Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Business Development Manager  Mr. Sam Yin  
 VAT Logistics (Airfreight) B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  General Manager  Mr. Edward J. Roest  
 VCK Logistics  Netherlands  Rotterdam  General Manager  Mr. Rob Van Steensel
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 Viltrans Shipping (HK) Co., Ltd.  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Director  Mr. Nilsson Chu  
 Voyage International Cargo LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai, Deira  Director Sales & Operations  Mr. Sarwar Ali  
 Walker Logistics Limited  China  Shanghai  GM  Mr. Chan Alfred  
 Waterlink Pakistan Pvt Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  Manager Imports  Mr. Aqil Ahmed  
 Manager Client Services (Exports)  Mr. M. Arshad Khan  
 G.M Imports  Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Ch.  
 Manager Documentation ( Exports)  Mr. Afsar Abbas  
 WCA  Thailand  Bangkok  IT Manager  Mr. O-part Korsanan
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 web programmer  Ms. Sudarat Wisiteerakul  
 United States of America  Miami, FL  Web Developer  Ms. Puthachard Sukpakdeetham  
 WCA Risk Management  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Associate Director  Mrs. Tia Poole  
 Director  Mr. Angus Galbraith
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 Group Chief Executive  Mr. Philip Bilney
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 Associate Broker  Mr. Kan Liu  
 Weida Freight System Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Managing Director  Mr. Victor Wei  
 Wells Shipping Agency  China  Shenzhen  Manager  Mr. Mark Zhao  
 Woker Freight Services (Pty) Ltd  Namibia  Walvis Bay  General Manager  Mr. Philip Coetzee
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 Project Manager  Mr. Kirsten Beeker
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 World Transport Overseas d.o.o.  Slovenia  Koper  Managing partner  Mr. Petar Visekruna  
 Worldbase International Logistics (Shenzhen) Ltd .  China  Shenzhen  Vice General Manager  Mr. Frank Chen  
 Overseas Department  Mr. Chester Ni  
 Your Cargo Contact B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Managing Director  Mr. Mark Lases  
 Sales/Operations  Mr. Bas Cornelisse  
 Zee Tee Express Co.  Saudi Arabia  Riyadh  MANAGING DIRECOTR  Mr. Ghazali Mohideen Mohamed  
 DIRECTOR  Mr. Nazeer Ahamed Thaickavil  
 Zhejiang Sea-Win International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Ningbo  Overseas sales  Mr. Frank Xu  
 Overseas development manager  Mr. Anthony Xu  
 Zhenhua Logistics Group Co., Ltd.  China  Tianjin  Overseas Agent Supervisor  Mr. Eric Jin  
 Zhongshan Cota Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Zhongshan  supervisor  Ms. Eva Chan  
 Zuhal Shipping & Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  MD  Mr. Hamid Sher Lodhi
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