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 "K" Line Zhenhua Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  manager  Mr. Cliff Lee
 +Carga - Transitos Comercio e Servicos Lda  Portugal  Lisbon  Marketing Manager  Mr. Carlos Gomes Gomes
 A LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS ( SAUDI ARABIA )  Saudi Arabia  Jeddah  General Manager  Mr. Afzal Ahmed Sheikh
 A T Logistics Limited  Ghana  Tema  CEO  Mr. Alex Ayoku Thompson
 A.C. PHOENIX ECTS LIMITED  Greece  Piraeus  Sales Executive  Mr. Giannis Karagiannis
 Business Development Officer  Mr. George Karayannis
 A.S.I. Logistic Limited  China  Shanghai  Business Development Manager  Mr. Jeremy Jannet
 Shanghai Office Manager  Ms. Emma Chen
 Aargus Global Logistics Pvt Ltd  India  New Delhi  Managing Director  Mr. Mahesh P Trikha
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution d.o.o.  Slovenia  Ljubljana  ABC Route Manager  Mr. Benjamin Koncilja
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution Transport  Austria  Vienna  ABC Route Manager  Mr. Rudolf Martin
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution Transport GmbH  Germany  Munich  ABC Route Manager  Ms. Christen J. Wang
 ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Transport s.r.l.  Romania  Bucharest  COO  Mr. Dominique Surkamp
 Abdul Muhsen Shipping Est.  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  BDM  Mr. Rammit Sharma
 Abetrans Logistics Ltd.  Israel  Tel Aviv  Ceo  Mr. Abe Pirian
 ACE Global Logistics  Australia  Sydney  General Manager  Ms. Emily Cao
 Across The Ocean Shipping Pty Limited  Australia  Melbourne  Managing Director  Mr. David Aherne
 Action Air Logistics Limited  China  Guangzhou  Overseas Dept Representative  Mr. Raul Zhu
 Overseas Dept. Supervisor  Ms. Chris Wu
 Overseas Dept. Manager  Ms. Jo Zhu
 Active Freight Services (Pvt) Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Muhammad Saqib Iqbal
 MANAGER OVERSEAS AIR  Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Aijaz Shah
 Agencja Transportowa Makro Service SP.K.  Poland  Warsaw  President  Mr. Mariusz Kos
 Aircargo NL BV  Netherlands  Aalsmeer  Sales manager  Mr. Bernd Blommendaal
 CEO  Mr. Carl Haspels
 Airmark Ocean & Air Logictics Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  Director  Mr. Mark Gonsalves
 Al Masar Al-Iraqi Co. L.L.C  Iraq  Basrah  Operation Manager  Mr. Emad Mahdi
 GM  Mr. Yasir Al-baddry
 Al-Bader Shipping & Gen. Cont. Co. W.L.L.  Kuwait  Kuwait  Manager-Liner& Projects  Mr. Sherin Thomas Mani
 Alfro Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  Director  Mr. Dominic Teo
 All Systems Logistics, Inc.  Philippines  Manila  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Anthony Dexter Yu
 Management Trainee  Mr. Theodore Anton Abe T. Estrada
 All World Shipping Corp.  United States of America  Tampa, FL  President and COO  Mr. Ross V. Stemmler
 Vice President of Business and Process Development  Mr. Gerard Debow
 Almighty International Logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  Director  Mr. Digvijay Ram Salve
 Mr. Ram Baburao Salve
 Alpha Logistics (HK) Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Manager  Ms. Daphne Yuen Ling Au
 Alpha Maritime Services  Italy  Genoa  CEO & President  Mr. Massimo Corte
 Alpha Star Shipping LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  General Manager  Mr. Steven D`souza
 Altius, S.A.  Spain  Madrid  General Manager Forwarding  Mr. Antonio Mendez
 America Global Logistics  Costa Rica  San Jose  President  Mr. Alejo J. Aguilar B.
 AMI Middle East LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Deputy General Manager  Mr. Supresh Phadnis
 General Manager  Mr. Pramod Raj
 AMI Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  Manager  Ms. Tahira Mobeen
 Deputy Manager Import  Mr. Noman Rauf
 Ample Shipping & Logistic Services  Pakistan  Karachi  CEO  Mr. Rizwan Sattar
 AO Freight (Shanghai) Ltd  China  Shanghai  Business Development Manager  Mr. Tommy Chow
 Managing Director  Ms. Tady Lin
 AO Freight Corporation  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  President  Mr. Alex Chan
 AOC China Limited Shanghai  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mr. Star Zhang
 AOE Freight (HK) Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  International Sales Manager  Ms. Fiona Choy
 Manager, Cargo  Mr. Ken Lee
 Managing Director  Mr. Nopanen Pasi Mikael
 Assistant Operations Manager  Mr. Ocean Ng
 Opearation Manager  Mr. David Lau
 CEO, General Sales Agent  Mr. Niki Law
 E-Commerce Manager  Mr. Gary Tsui
 Executive Secretary  Ms. Evelyn Wong
 Seafreight Manager  Mr. Sam Ho
 CEO, Logistics  Mr. Richard Mak
 Assistant Sales Manager  Ms. Johanna Huang
 Director of Freight and Group Management Performance  Mr. Michael Wong
 IT Manager  Mr. Thomas Tong
 Apex Cargo Service Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Department Manager  Ms. Selina Huang
 Apex Logistics International (CN) Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Deputy Regional Pricing Director, China  Mr. Eric Chen
 Overseas Supervisor  Ms. Joyce Jiang
 Apex Logistics International Inc  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  Vice President  Mr. Harald Oechsner
 ARABCO Logistics  Saudi Arabia  Riyadh  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Ramachandran Vallath Kunnummal
 Arfor Transport Services S.A.  Turkey  Istanbul  MARKETING MANAGER  Mr. Irfan Faruk Dursun
 Armada International (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Malaysia  Port Klang  General Manager Commercial  Ms. Cindy Yc Tan
 Senior Sales Manager  Mr. Kenneth Lee
 COO / Group Executive Director  Mr. Richard Chua
 Arusha Freight and Transport Agency Ltd.  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  CEO  Mr. Augustine Kilasara
 ASG WIND Transport SRL  Romania  Bucharest  MARKETING AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE  Mrs. Qing Chang
 Managing Director  Mr. Adrian Isar
 Asia Cargo Container Line, Inc.  Philippines  Manila  President  Mr. Armando S. Ng
 Vice President  Mr. Jet Anthony Neric
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Nathaniel Gerard O. Ng
 Asia Overseas Transport Co., Inc.  Philippines  Manila  VP-MARKETING  Ms. Marites Manuel David
 PRESIDENT & CEO  Ms. Cynthia Reyes Tsui
 ASP Global Pty. Ltd.  Australia  Melbourne  director  Mr. Peter King
 consultant  Ms. Claudette Passon
 Asset Lojistik A.S  Turkey  Istanbul  LOGISTICS COORDINATOR  Mr. Risaret Kubilay Yildirim
 Associated Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  Executive Director  Mr. Ravindra Rajwade
 Asthon Cargo Catalunya, S.L.  Spain  Barcelona  General Manager  Mr. Alfred Gracia
 Astro Express Logistics Pte. Ltd.  Singapore  Singapore  MANAGER  Mr. Yu Ping Yu
 Director  Mr. Richard Y.m Leo
 Atako International Shipping and Trading Co.  Turkey  Mersin  Business Development Manager  Mr. Fadi Atat
 ATM Global Logistics France Sarl  France  Lyon  Overseas Developments Director  Mr. Jean Andre Chenevier
 Awards Shipping Agency (Korea) Ltd.  Korea, Republic Of  Seoul  overseas director  Mr. Alfred Hao
 AZ Logistics Company Kabul Afghanistan  Afghanistan  Kabul  Managing Director  Mr. Asadullah Khan
 B&C international Logistics Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Billy Chan
 Overseas Sales  Ms. Rita Chan
 Ms. Eileen Wang
 Mr. Simon Dai
 B&M Logistica Internacional Ltda  Brazil  Itajai  Managing Director  Mr. Sergio Renato Bini
 Pricing & Sales Manager  Mr. Glauco Andrade
 Sales Director  Mr. Alexandre Bini
 BAO SHIPPING  China  Xiamen  Vice-General Manager  Mr. Rocket Dai
 Barsan Global Logistics Inc.  China  Shanghai  Managing Director Asia & Pacific  Mr. George Jin
 France  Paris  Marketing Manager  Mr. Mehmet Cenk Abukay
 Germany  Nuremberg  Manager Germany  Mr. Sascha Jurgen Rebbe
 Stuttgart  CEO Europe  Mr. Karl-heinz Reuter
 Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Branch Manager Hk  Mr. Murat Bakan
 Korea, Republic Of  Busan  DIRECTOR  Mr. Erdogan Karanfil
 Spain  Barcelona  Director Marketing & Sales Iberia  Mr. Carlos Maria Bajo Isalt
 Turkey  Istanbul  Ocean Freight Director  Mr. Burak Celikkaya
 United Kingdom  Coventry  Sales And Marketing  Mr. David Charles Weston
 Baylink Shipping Inc.  United States of America  New York, NY  President  Mr. Jason Zhang
 Customer Support Manager  Ms. Lolly Shi
 BDG International  India  New Delhi  Country Manager  Mr. Surender Mattoo
 Beacon International Express Corp.  Taiwan  Taipei  Sales Manager  Ms. Maggie Lien
 Sales Supervisor  Ms. Sidney Chen
 Bee Logistics Corporation  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Director, Northern Region  Mr. Victor Tran
 Bee Logistics Myanmar Co., Ltd.  Myanmar  Yangon (Rangoon)  Office Manager  Mr. Martin Nguyen
 Beijing ACE Global Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Over sea  Mr. Calvin Xie
 Beijing Fullrich Shipping International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Business Development Supervisor  Ms. Ice Sun
 Beijing Harmony Shipping & Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd  China  Beijing  Overseas Business Manager  Ms. Julie Wong
 marketing  Mr. Zhen Li
 Director  Mr. Haidong Wu
 V.GM.  Ms. Tong Li
 Beijing Huayou International Logistics & Engineering Services Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  General Manager Assistant  Mr. Yonghong Dai
 General Manager Assistant  Mr. Guang Chen
 Deputy Manager  Mr. Jian Cao
 Beijing Leading International Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  MANAGER  Mr. Raindrop Eu
 Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  General Manager  Mr. Bill James Clayden
 Best Services International Freight Ltd.  China  Beijing  Overseas Supervisor - Air freight  Ms. Sabrina Zhou
 Guangzhou  Overseas Manager - Air freight  Ms. Nancy Wong
 Qingdao  Branch General Manager  Ms. Rachel Hu
 Shanghai  Overseas Manager - Ocean freight  Ms. Emily Yang
 Shenzhen  General Manager - Ocean freight  Ms. Jessica Tian
 Tianjin  Overseas Manager - Ocean freight  Mr. Emmett Zheng
 Xiamen  Branch General Manager  Mr. Ken Huang
 Overseas Manager - Air freight  Ms. Sabrina Yu
 Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Branch Vice General Manager  Ms. Rain Ko
 Bin Yousef Cargo Express WLL  Qatar  Doha  EXECUTIVE-SALES & MARKETING  Mr. Zhao Yan
 BL Road & Sea Kft.  Hungary  Szigetszentmiklos  Managing Director  Mr. Andras Karolyi
 Blueline Freight Forwarders  India  Hyderabad  sales manager  Mr. Harish R
 managing partner  Mr. Joby Mani
 Bosphorus Express Shipping Logistics Ltd.  Turkey  Mersin  GENERAL MANAGER  Mrs. Meral Poyraz
 Boss Continental, S.L.  Spain  Madrid  Business Development Manager  Ms. Cristina De Santisteban
 BTX Global Logistics  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  Director Global Development  Mr. Dave Kemmer
 New York, NY  International Development  Ms. Annie Gao
 San Francisco, CA   Vice President Ocean Services  Mr. Tim Mcelroy
 C&D Logistics Group Co., Ltd.,  China  Xiamen  VICE MANAGER  Ms. Amy Xie
 C.B. Freight International Inc.  China  Shanghai  OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER  Ms. Stellar Lee
 C.T. Freight NZ Ltd.  New Zealand  Auckland  New Zealand Manager  Mr. Kane Stevenson
 C.T. Freight Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  National Import Manager Australia  Mr. Anthony Bugeja
 Campbell & Ronan Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  Ms. Cecila Geng
 BRANCH MANAGER  Mr. Michael Eder
 Capricorn Logistics Inc.  United States of America  Chicago, IL  vice president  Mr. Juan Munoz
 Capricorn Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  general manager  Mr. Vijay Shetty
 Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  general manager  Mr. Girish Barve
 Cargo Advantage Network Limited  China  Shenzhen  Director  Mr. Michael Liu
 Cargo Express, Inc.  Guam  Guam  Account Manager  Mr. Nomer Legaspi Arcangel
 Cargo World Peru S.A.C.  Peru  Callao  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Marden Cabellos Perez
 CaribEx Worldwide, Inc.  United States of America  Greensboro, NC  Vice President  Mr. Eddie Knight
 Strategic Account Director  Mrs. Lymarie Gandarillas
 President  Mr. John Ford
 Caucastransexpress Ltd  Georgia  Tbilisi  CEO of Caucastransexpress  Mr. Giorgi Gamtsemlidze
 Operations Director  Ms. Tsitsi Doborjginidze
 Head of FCL department  Mr. David Medoshvili
 Cavalier International France  France  Paris  CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER  Ms. Sun Xifan
 Charles Kendall Freight  China  Shanghai  Regional Manager, China  Ms. Coco Zhu
 Branch Manager  Ms. Rosann Lui
 United Kingdom  Feltham  Director - Global Trade  Mr. Ian Jenkins
 Charles Kendall Freight (Hong Kong) Ltd.  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Director, Far East  Mr. Keno Cheung
 CHARTER PARTY DWC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HEAD  Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim Wasfi
 China International Freight Forwarders Association  China  Beijing  Deputy Director  Ms. Wang Xiao Yu
 Deputy Director  Mr. Fany Yong
 Vice President & Secretary General  Mr. Liu Xuede
 Deputy Director  Ms. Tong Cui Lan
 Ms. Julia Zhao
 Vice-president  Mrs. Liu Zhan Fang
 Director of office  Mr. Sun Lin
 St  Mr. Shaofei Wang
 Deputy Director  Ms. Ma Yan
 China NVOCC Container Lines Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Assistant to GM  Mrs. Jing Xu
 Managing Director  Mr. Yong Wang
 China Ocean Container lines Ltd Shenzhen Branch  China  Shenzhen  office manager  Mr. Cheney Chen
 oversea marketing  Ms. Tania Zhong
 China Wellfast Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  director  Mr. David Lin
 Chinatrans International Limited  China  Shenzhen  sales manager  Mr. Chuanlong Ju
 Sales Manager  Ms. Wanfen Ma
 Chongqing Holdwell Freight Co.,Ltd  China  Chongqing  General Manager  Mr. Li Xiaohong
 Circle Logistics India Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  GM  Mr. Harshad Vinayak Joshi
 ClearFreight, Inc.  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  Executive Vice President  Mr. Peter Porse
 Combiline International SPA  Italy  Milan  Air and Sea Project Manager  Mrs. Yvonne Faith
 Connect Cargo Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  CEO  Mr. Santharam H L
 Continental Global Cargo SAC  Peru  Callao  Overseas and Project Cargo Manager  Mr. Jesus Martin Velasquez
 Conturk Shipping  Turkey  Istanbul  INTL BUSINESS MANAGER  Mr. Hasan Elmadag
 CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited  China  Qingdao  oversea center manager  Mrs. Chunling Tian
 Xiamen  Sales Manager  Ms. Leaves Ye
 Marketing Director  Mr. Ben Zeng
 Air Overseas Manager-Europe and Australia Lane  Ms. Cathy Bao
 Air Overseas Manager-USA and Asia Lane  Mr. Kevin Zhu
 CU Transport Inc.  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  Vice President  Mr. David Heimark
 Senior Vice President  Mr. Pq Zhang
 Customs Clearance Limited  United Kingdom  London  Director  Mr. Rudee Bertie
 CYTS-Spirit Logistics Limited  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Chan Yau Fung, Hugo
 DIRECTOR-KEY ACCOUNT  Mr. Nathaniel B Richman
 D-C-I Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Chongqing  Sales Manager  Ms. Monica He
 Mr. Jason Liu
 Mr. Hu Haisen
 Overseas Manager  Ms. Linda Zhou
 Sales Manager  Ms. Annie Wu
 Dafarra & Seves Srl  Italy  Genoa  Ceo  Mr. Roberto Dafarra
 Mr. Marco Schimmenti
 Dalian Evergrown Intl Forwarding Co.,Ltd  China  Dalian  assistant of general manager  Mrs. Li Xiang
 Dalian JD Cargo International Co., Ltd.  China  Dalian  International Coordinater  Ms. Ivy Tian
 Oversea Manager  Mr. Ben Huang
 DBS International Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mr. Michael Fan
 Oversea Development Manager  Ms. Jessica Xu
 DC Logistics Brasil  Brazil  Itajai  Trade Lane Developer Asia / Oceania / Europe  Mr. Diogo Dorval Da Costa
 Procurement & Pricing Manager  Mr. Guilherme Antonio Mafra
 Delmar International Inc  China  Qingdao  Director, Business Development  Mr. Bo Jiu
 Commercial Manager, Delmar China  Mr. Norman Wang
 Dextrans Malaysia Sdn Bhd  Malaysia  Port Klang  Director  Mr. S Y Ng
 Dextrans Worldwide Group Pte Ltd  China  Shanghai  Pricing Manager  Mr. Leon Shen
 Dextrans Worldwide Hong Kong Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Director  Mr. Jeffrey Heng
 Dextrans Worldwide Philippines Co., Ltd.  Philippines  Manila  Country Manager  Mr. Carlo Jalandoni
 DFD Lojistik Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. A.S.  Turkey  Istanbul  COMMERCIAL MANAGER  Mr. Mert Atessonmez
 MARKETING MANAGER  Mr. Volkan Korkmaz
 DGX - Dependable Global Express  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mr. Simon Su
 Import Manager  Ms. Iris Jiang
 DMU Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Dalian  ASSISTANT OF PRESIDENT  Ms. Rena Tang
 DN Freight  South Africa  Johannesburg  General Manager  Mr. Haydn Van Niekerk
 Sales Manager  Mr. Brett Frederiksen
 DONG NAM Logistics Company Limited  Vietnam  Hanoi  Vice Director  Mr. Albert Nguyen Huyen Thang Long
 DOW ELEF International (T) Limited  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Hari Babu Kadiyala
 MARKETING MANAGER  Mr. Samson Joshua Malucha
 Dsecargonet USA, Inc  China  Shanghai  Staff  Ms. Zara Zhou
 United States of America  Torrance, CA  C.F.O.  Mr. Young Ro Lee
 Dynamic Logistics International (Pvt.) Ltd.  Pakistan  Karachi  CEO  Mr. Tahir Ali
 Lahore  County Manager - North  Mr. Muhammad Qasim Pirzada
 Dynamic Logistics International LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  GM Business Development  Mr. Farhan Siddiqui
 Dynamic Shipping Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd.  Pakistan  Karachi  General Manager  Mr. Abdul Samad
 Country Manager Imports  Mr. Muhammad Asghar
 D`Alessandro Logistics  Tunisia  Rades  Chairman  Mr. Luc D`alessandro
 E-Cargo Overseas Bolivia SRL  Bolivia  La Paz  General Manager  Mrs. Sonia Lascano
 President  Mr. Maen Abu Hamdan
 Eagle Air Agencies  Belgium  Brussels  Assistant Manager  Mrs. Hilde Mangelschots
 MD  Mr. Axel De Greef
 Eagle Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  VICE GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Tony Wang
 Eagle Relocations and Logistics Ltd  United Kingdom  London  Director  Mr. Onkar Sharma
 Eastlink Global Logistics  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  General Manager  Mr. Luca Aprea
 eCargoWorld Taiwan  Taiwan  Taipei  General Manager  Mr. Tom Huang
 EES Freight Services Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  Director  Ms. Jean Chuang
 Embassy Freight Services (UK) Limited  United Kingdom  London  Business Development Manager - Asia & China  Mr. L. Tam
 Emirates Logistics China Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  overseas manager  Mr. Michael Wong
 Mr. Steven Su
 Emiros Cargo Limited  Nigeria  Lagos  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Enekwechi Emeka Ernest
 Emkay Line  Pakistan  Karachi  Line Manager  Mr. Rehan Khan
 Empire Global Lines, Inc.  United States of America  New Jersey, NJ  COO  Mr. Peter Yaowen Mai
 Empire Logistics Co., Ltd.  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Group Managing Director  Mr. Peter Chew
 EMS Cargo Limited  United Kingdom  Manchester  Sales Director  Mr. Andy Attwood
 Epsylogistics Company Limited  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Manager  Ms. Kitty Huang
 Commercial Director  Mr. Tristan Massart
 Eumex Line Agencies (Hong Kong) Limited  China  Shanghai  Director in Shanghai office  Mr. Bill Ip
 Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Managing Director  Mr. Asher Ku
 Euromax Limited  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  MD  Mr. Peter Michael Kinabo
 Euroway International Logistics GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mrs. Ellen Ma
 Everest International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Vice-General Manager  Mrs. Asjoy Lee
 Supervisor  Ms. Kiku Huang
 Everfast Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd.  India  New Delhi  Director  Mr. Arun Kumar Rai
 Everfirst Global Logistics Inc.  Canada  Montreal  TBA  Mr. Wayne Li
 Evergrand Int`l Logistics (GuangZhou) Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  overseas dept  Ms. Irina Wu
 Overseas Manager  Ms. Melody Yan
 Everok Air  China  Shanghai  Airfreight Overseas Marketing Supervisor  Mr. Nicky Zhang
 Mr. Ricky Ding
 Everokgroup International Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Manager of USA & CANADA Lane  Ms. Mary Wang
 Supervisor  Ms. Ashley Liao
 Manager of Europe Trade  Ms. Wendy Zou
 Excess International  France  Roissy en France  China Market Manager  Mrs. Weina Chen Robillard
 Expo Freight-EFL  Qatar  Doha  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Jose Philip
 United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Business Development Manager (Abu Dhabi)  Mr. Dilker Chemmangad Palliveedu
 General Manager  Mr. Prasantha Nalinda Bandara Dissanayake
 Express Air Freight  United States of America  New York, NY  Far East Coordinator  Ms. Karen Yang
 President  Mr. David Marx
 F.H. Bertling AB  Sweden  Gothenburg  Manager Procurement  Mr. Sven Karlund
 Facilities Shipping Agency  Pakistan  Karachi  General Manager Commercial(UAE)  Mr. Syed Faisal Ahmed
 General Manager Groupage  Mr. Abid Motan
 Managing Director  Mr. Umair Malik
 Famous Cargo Line  Bangladesh  Chittagong  Proprietor  Mr. Ujjal Kanti Chowdhury
 Fast Forward Freight B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Sales Manager  Mr. Wouter Van Schaverbeke
 Fast Forward Freight BVBA  Belgium  Brussels  Sales Manager  Ms. Soonhae Cho
 FAST FREIGHT  Romania  Constanta  Sales Rep.  Ms. Gonul Mustafa
 Fast Global Logistics  United States of America  Miami, FL  Managing Director  Mr. Bento Queiroz
 Manager  Mr. Jorge Moreira
 Fitos International Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Foshan  Director  Mr. Zhijun Li
 Overseas Manager  Ms. Jiaxi Liu
 Ms. Shan Wang
 Flogis International Corp.  Korea, Republic Of  Seoul  ASSISTANT MANAGER  Ms. Julie Son
 MANAGER  Ms. Stacy Kim
 Fly Tiger Logistic Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mrs. Lisa Zhang
 Flying-Trans International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Director  Ms. Shelley Luan
 FM Global Logistics Pty Ltd  Australia  Perth/Fremantle  Business Development Manager  Mr. Michael C Fairnie
 Sales Manager  Mr. Richard Eden Hadley
 FMI Groupe  Algeria  Algiers  Sales Manager  Mr. Arnaud Chevillard
 France  Marseille  Manager  Mr. Van Ness Lee
 Fordpointer Shipping Co., Ltd.  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Regional Manager - Fujian Province  Mr. Ken Cheung
 Middle China District Manager  Ms. Water Lam
 Forlog Forwarding & Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  ASSISTANT GM  Mr. Richard Li
 Fratelli Salvadori  Italy  Milan  Managing Director  Mr. Tommaso Salvadori
 Freight Connection Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.  Pakistan  Karachi  Head of Logistics & Forwarding Division  Mr. Tariq Rizvi
 Business Development Manager  Ms. Sehar Hassan Sabri
 Director  Mr. Khurram Niazi
 Freight Express Shipping Corp (FESCO)  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  MANAGER  Mr. Fei Yu
 Freight SMS  Saudi Arabia  Riyadh  C.E.O  Mr. Amjad Riaz Zafar
 Freightos  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Vendor Manager  Ms. Janny Zhu Jie
 Frontier United Pty Ltd  Australia  Sydney  Managing Director  Ms. Anny Liang
 Fujian Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  General Manager  Ms. Chris Wang
 Full Sail1 Pty Ltd  South Africa  Johannesburg  GENERAL MANAGER - COMMERCIAL  Mr. Hariesh Manaadiar
 Gati Cargo Express (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Ms. Jie Bi
 GCL Logistics Ltd  United Kingdom  London  Managing Director  Mr. Colin Irving
 Genesis Logistics and Forwarding Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Trade Commissioner  Ms. Sue Xu
 Oversea Senior Manager  Mr. Howie Ding
 Get Shipping Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  overseas representative  Mr. Michael Gu
 Import manager  Ms. Helen He
 GIZE PLC  Ethiopia  Addis Ababa  DEPUTY MARKETING MANAGER  Mr. Cherenet Alemu Tessema
 MANAGING DIRECTOR  Ms. Gizeshwork Tessema Bizachew
 GLE Logistics (S) Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  Manager  Mr. Chu Jin Kelvin Soh
 Mr. Wee Peng Khoo
 Global Navigation LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER  Mr. Nadeem Shakur
 Managing Director  Mr. Muhammad Zafar Habib
 Global Shipping Services, LLC  United States of America  Houston, TX  Executive Assistant/Sales  Mrs. Kenaz Mcauley
 VP Projects, North America  Mr. Paul Mcauley
 Global United Group Co.,Limited  China  Shanghai  Managing Director  Ms. Sun Yue
 Globus Transitos Pvt. Ltd.  India  New Delhi  COO  Mr. Aditya Modi
 CEO  Mr. Sameer Jain
 Glory Shine International Logistics Company Ltd  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Manager  Ms. Sally Lee
 Glory Trans Logistics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Overseas Manager  Ms. Grace Guo
 GMFS GLOBALH LOGISTICS, S.A. DE C.V.  Mexico  Mexico City  Commercial Manager  Mr. Alberto De La Luz H.
 Grand Freight Service Limited  China  Dongguan  Line Manager  Mrs. Lansing Pei
 Oversea Dep. Director  Ms. Nicole Deng
 Great Master Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Department Vice Manager  Mrs. Ming Xu
 GREENLINE LOGISTICS LTD  Ghana  Tema  Public Relations Manager  Mr. Jerry Matthews
 GSI Logistics Private Limited  India  Mumbai  CEO & MD  Mr. Gaurav Uppal
 Guangdong Goldjet International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Duputy General Manager  Ms. Angela Lee
 Oversea Manager  Ms. Rebecca Lin
 Guangzhou Hosanda International Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  General Manager Assistant  Ms. Fifi Liliana
 GV International N.V./S.A.  Belgium  Brussels  CEO  Mr. Guy J.v. Van Immerseel
 H. Stroem AS  Norway  Drammen  Operation manager  Mrs. Ranveig Moen
 HADAF MARINE CO., LTD.  Uzbekistan  Tashkent  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Kamran Hosseinzadeh
 Hai Lien Trading & Services Co., Ltd.  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Vice Sales Director  Ms. Jessica Van
 Haktrans Global Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Managing Director  Mr. P. P. Ayyoob
 Han Wan International Logistics (SHA) Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Dept.  Mr. Jeffrey Li
 Operation  Mr. James Xu
 Overseas Dept.  Ms. Bonnie Qin
 Hanstong International Forwarder Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Overseas Director  Ms. Melody Ho
 Haotong International Transportation Agent Co., Ltd.  China  Changsha  Overseas Dept. Manager  Ms. Mavis Sun
 Vice General Manager  Mr. Haibo Luo
 Headway Speed Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  CEO  Mr. Kevin Hsu
 Headwin Global Logistics (USA) Inc.  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  PRESIDENT  Mr. Bing Simon Jiang
 Headwin Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Ningbo  Supervisor  Mr. Leon Wang
 Overseas Marketing Sales  Mr. Frank Yang
 Shanghai  Overseas Development Director  Mr. Eric Wang
 Supervisor  Ms. Lianne Liu
 Hebei Tongxin International Transport Co., Ltd.  China  Shijiazhuang  Oversea Department Manager  Ms. Zara Yao
 Director  Mr. Jamie Zhou
 Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas sales  Ms. Colly Qiu
 Senior Manager  Ms. Linda Leung
 High Link Line, Inc.  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mr. Lawrence Chen
 Honour Lane Shipping Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Yizhang Mo
 Trade Manager  Mr. Yao Xiao
 Overseas Development Supervisor  Ms. Dan Tang
 Oversea Development Assistant Supervisor  Ms. Dan Ma
 HUBEI CITIC-GROWING INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD.  China  Wuhan  Assistant of G.Manager  Mr. Wallace Zeng
 Hunan Highgoal International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd  China  Changsha  SALES MANAGER  Mr. Sail Zhou
 Overseas Manager  Mr. Eric Feng
 Hunicorn Freight Service Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Manager  Ms. Daisy Fang
 Ms. Sammi Gao
 CN Business Manager  Ms. Helen Wu
 General Manager  Mr. Samm Yuan
 IFS Tunisia  Tunisia  Sousse  Director  Ms. Naziha Mejri
 IMA Tanzania - AMI International  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER  Mr. Wim Hoste
 Inchcape Shipping Services  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Route Development Manager  Ms. Angela Zou
 Inter American Cargo Group S.A.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Manager  Mr. Mariano Noble
 Inter Continental Logistics Ltd  United Kingdom  Birmingham  General Manager  Mr. Mathew J.
 Interlite Global Logistics Sdn Bhd  Malaysia  Klang  Assistant General Manager  Mr. King Liow
 General Manager  Mr. Vince Yong
 International Airfreight Associates B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Business Developer  Ms. Zizi Wen
 International Airfreight Associates GmbH  Germany  Frankfurt  General Manager  Mr. Jens Birnbaum
 International Business Transactions  Pakistan  Lahore  Director  Mr. Muhammad Ahmad
 Intuitive Logistic Resources  Thailand  Bangkok  Marketing Communications Manager  Mr. Chavakan Vitchchakan
 J & P Global Services Ltd  Cameroon  Douala  CEO  Mr. Ferdinand Njiforboroh Anomah
 J.E.T. International Air Cargo Limited  China  Shenzhen  Sales Manager  Mr. Eric Jing
 Jaguar Shipping Line (Pvt) Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  Chief Executive  Mr. M.sohail Habib
 Jahlive Sadakka Nigeria Limited.  Nigeria  Lagos  Chief Broking Officer  Mr. Sesan Buraimoh
 Janco International Freight Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Group General Manager  Mr. King Fung (rem) Tai
 International Business Development  Ms. Wen Li(emily Chou) Zhou
 JC Trans Logistics Inc.  China  Dalian  Gerneral Manager  Mrs. Rachel Zeng
 JCTRANS Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai  China  Shanghai  CEO  Mr. Meng Rui
 Jebsen Logistics Ltd.  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Sales Manager  Ms. Joanne Yeung
 General Sales Manager  Mr. Joseph Cheng
 Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc.  China  Kunshan  Senior Oversea Development  Ms. Emma Zhou
 Jiangsu Haihang International Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Changzhou  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Zhang Xiaolin
 JJB Link Logistics Company Limited  China  Shanghai  Regional Marketing Manager  Mr. Douglas Xu
 jonarainbow nigria limited  Nigeria  Lagos  Managing Director  Mr. Olawale Lennox Gbadegesin
 JUS Lordship Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  Overseas sales manager  Ms. Saliana Lin
 Keenway Logistics ( Xiamen) Co.,Ltd.  China  Xiamen  overseas dept.manager  Ms. Sunny Zhao
 Kerry EAS Logistics Limited (KEAS)  China  Beijing  Senior Manager  Mr. Tony Dai Li Jun
 Senior Operation Control Manager  Mr. Oliver Wang Zhen
 Kimex Air & Sea Co., Ltd.  Korea, Republic Of  Seoul  Overseas Coordinator  Mr. Eric Koo
 sale & project manager  Mr. Lyon Lim
 King`s Line International Freight Forwarding Company  Pakistan  Peshawar  BDS Manager  Mr. Mumtaz Ali
 Kita Transport Services, Inc.  Turkey  Istanbul  AIRFREIGHT SUPERVISOR  Mr. Ismet Pehlivan
 SEAFREIGHT SUPERVISOR  Mr. Halil Ibrahim Ozturk
 Knight Logistics Company Limited  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  CEO  Mr. Mark Duong
 Logistics Manager  Mr. Frank Wei
 Kuwait Transcontinental Shipping Company  Kuwait  Kuwait  Logistics Manager  Mr. Sanjay Mascarenhas
 La Freightlift Pvt. Ltd.  India  Chennai  Director-Sales  Mr. A. Suresh Anand
 Letzone Logistics DWC LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Managing Director  Mr. Abdul Latheef
 Lexxy Movers Inc  Canada  Quebec  Director Business Development and Strategy  Ms. Ini Olatunbosun
 LINC Group  United Kingdom  London  Multimodal Clerk  Ms. Cara Julie Morton
 Head Of Forwarding  Mr. Aidan Patrick Magee
 Liyang Shipping Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  marketing manager  Mrs. Pansy Liang
 Oversea market manager  Ms. Linda Chen
 Logistic Dynamics Corporation  Mexico  Monterrey  Operations Manager  Mr. Jose Luis Martinez
 Managing Director  Mr. Gabriel Quintana
 Logistic Linkage (I) Pvt. Ltd  India  New Delhi  Sr. Manager  Mr. Promil Suri
 chairman  Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj
 Logistics Management Services Limited  Thailand  Bangkok  Group Managing Director  Mr. Anant Tinaphongs
 Lognet Global Ltd  China  Shanghai  Regional Manager (China)  Mr. Alex Yan
 Netherlands  Amsterdam  Managing Director  Mr. Randy Van Velthoven
 Long Sail International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Regional Manager  Ms. April Liu
 Overseas Sales  Ms. Kira Mao
 LOXSON International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Kunshan  vice manager  Ms. Jennifer Zheng
 overseas development supervisor  Ms. Shirley Sun
 Lynn Cargo Care Pvt Ltd  India  Mumbai  DIRECTOR  Mr. Praveen Kumar Kilari
 M/S Pentagon Waterlines Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  DIRECTOR  Mr. Murlidhar Prakash Sutrave
 Magellan Logistics Tanzania Ltd  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  Country Manager  Mr. Krishna Kumar
 Director  Mr. Sankar Venugopal
 Malai Freight Forwarders Ltd  Tanzania, United Republic Of  Dar Es Salaam  Director  Mr. Jonah Mwanthi Kyathe
 Mallory Alexander International Logistics  United States of America  Memphis, TN  Global Network  Mr. Donald Guinter
 SALES MANAGER  Ms. Fu Yingjia
 Markwin Logistics India Private Limited  India  Chennai  Managing Director  Mr. Seshanna Madhavan
 Master International Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Shanghai  Manager  Mr. Nathan Wu
 MAXWAY INT`L CARGO AGENCY CO.,LTD.(XIAMEN)BRANCH  China  Fuzhou  G.Manager  Mr. Stanley Chen
 Maywell International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Nanjing  Oversea sales  Ms. Sophy Wang
 General Manager  Ms. Viviana Wong
 MBS Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Route Development Manager, Europe  Ms. Anita Chen
 Overseas Coordinator  Ms. Linda Zhao
 Route Development Manager, Middle East & Affrica  Mr. Jack Guo
 MBS Logistics GmbH  Germany  Frankfurt  Route Development Manager  Ms. Yujiao Chen
 Stuttgart  Managing Director  Mr. Andreas Haake
 Airfreight Export  Ms. Martina Haake
 MBS Logistics Ltd. (MBS Group)  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  General Manager  Mr. Eric Chan
 MediaSpeD spol. s.r.o. (Ltd.)  Czech Republic  Prague  Business Manager Cargo  Mr. Peng Liao
 Managing Director  Mr. Ladislav Subr
 Mega Supply Chain Solutions  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  VP of Operations  Mr. Daryn Ayers Duff
 President  Mr. Bryan Kc Pelle
 Melos Express International Inc  China  Shanghai  Overseas Manager  Mr. Kevin Zhou
 Metro International Asia (Pvt) Ltd  Sri Lanka  Colombo  Manager Operations  Mr. Tharindu Perera
 MEXPROUD SHIPPING S.A. DE C.V.  Mexico  Mexico City  CEO  Mr. Antonio Vargas
 MGL (USA) INC.  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  General Manager  Mr. Freddy Leung
 Managing Director  Mr. Frank Leung
 Milenio Logistica e Servicos  Mozambique  Maputo  MD  Mr. Ivo David Tembe
 Milestone International Freight Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Director  Mr. John Zhang
 Marketing Manager  Mr. Sky Yan
 Millennium Logistics (Shenzhen) Ltd  China  Shenzhen  Med2 Trade Manager  Mr. Gang You
 General Manager  Mr. Zhiping Wu
 ISC Trade Manager  Ms. Serena Lee
 Minsheng Shipping Co., Ltd.  China  Chongqing  deputy manager  Ms. Sophie Li
 project manager  Ms. Naomi Wang
 MIRA Transport Services Ltd TURKEY  Turkey  Istanbul  Managing Director  Mr. Alev Aksoy
 Mirage Cargo Service LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Director  Mr. Ronald Gomes
 MoveMatch  Netherlands  Raamsdonksveer  Founder & Owner  Mr. Richard Lambertus
 Movers International Pvt. Ltd.  India  Calcutta (Kolkata)  Director - Operations & Supply Chain  Mr. Rajneesh Makhija
 Mumbai  Head (Western India)  Mr. Kuldeep Bartwal
 New Delhi  Managing Director  Mr. Neeraj Makhija
 HOD - Sea & Air  Mr. Prakash Malasi
 Movis Ghana Ltd  Ghana  Tema  Managing Director  Mr. Sudarsanan Pankajakshan
 Deputy Managing Director  Mr. Hubert Asamoah
 Movis Liberia Ltd  Liberia  Monrovia  General Manager  Mr. Samuel Stewart
 MRC CARGO SERVICES LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Managing Director  Mr. Mirshad Moopen
 MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd  Sri Lanka  Colombo  Country Manager  Mr. Sadasivan Raja Raja
 Director  Mr. Hussain Mansur
 Manager  Mr. Jeewaka Tillekaratne
 N.E.S. Cargo Express International Corporation  Philippines  Manila  President  Mr. Nestor E. Salvania
 Nankai Express Co., Ltd.  Japan  Tokyo  Air Specialist  Ms. Hiroko Takahashi
 General Manager  Mr. Shunichi Omukai
 Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port  China  Qingdao  Chief Representative China  Mr. Kevin Ransbotyn
 Navigators S.A.R.L  Lebanon  Beirut  WCA Business Development Manager  Ms. Dalida Rached
 NCC Freight International Shanghai Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Manager  Ms. Jusphen Zhang
 Neutral Cargo Services Inc.  Canada  Toronto  Managing Director  Mr. Richard Thornton
 Neutral Partner  Spain  Madrid  Strategic Business Consultant  Mr. Diego Bergareche Nieto
 Airfreight Manager/ Intl agent customer service  Ms. Monica San Torcuato
 Ningbo Seamarco International Logistics Co.,Ltd  China  Ningbo  General manager  Mr. Jacky Wang
 Ningbo Zexing International Forwarding Agency Co.,Ltd.  China  Ningbo  General Manager  Mr. Steven Qiu
 NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  Export Manager  Mr. Thorsten Huebner
 Deputy Import Manager  Ms. Katharina Pittrof
 NS Line  Japan  Nagoya  Sales Divisions  Ms. Yuriko Kobayashi
 President  Mr. Toshiro Suzuki
 Sales Divisions  Mr. Shuhei Kojima
 Ocean Bright Logistics Limited  China  Shanghai  Managing Director  Mr. David Ma
 Ocean Pilot Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd  China  Shenzhen  Project Manager  Ms. Sophia Li
 Oversea Director  Mr. Bill Liang
 Oveasea Manager  Ms. Jessie Ouyang
 Ocean Way Transportation Limited  China  Shantou  Oversea Manager  Ms. Joe Lin
 OIA GLOBAL  United States of America  Cleveland, OH  Asia Development  Ms. Kin Mei
 LATAM Business Development Manager  Ms. Teresa Escoda
 ORBEADUANA  Mexico  Mexico City  Pincipal Director  Mr. Genaro Luis Pozos Cruz
 OrientalShip Int`l Logistics Co.,Ltd.(Guangdong )  China  Shenzhen  sales  Mr. Brutol Huang
 overseas marketing director  Ms. Anne Zhou
 Pacific Integrated Logistics Co., Ltd  Taiwan  Taipei  President  Mr. Clark Lin
 Pan World Shipping Co.  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Ms. Ip Choi Fan Bonnie Ip
 SALES MANAGER  Ms. Lau Kit Wai Lau
 Pan-Asia International Transportation Co., Ltd Yantai Branch  China  Yantai  Overseas Dept. Director  Ms. Tracy Zhang
 Pan-Asia International Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Business Development Manager  Mr. Jacky Li
 Shanghai  Business Development Manager  Mr. Nicholas Chai
 Weihai  Overseas Dept. Manager  Ms. Emily Cao
 Panuni Logistics Co., Ltd of Shenzhen  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Cooper Wang
 Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd. - PGS Logistics Ltd  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Director Sales & Marketing  Mr. Helmut Horvath
 Patent International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Director  Mr. Edward Ouyang
 District Sales Manager  Ms. Fion Luo
 Mr. Bill Chen
 Mr. Michael Wu
 PCH CARGO  United States of America  Miami, FL  SALES  Mr. Javier Rivas
 General Manager  Mr. Joseph Robert Caceres
 Penavico Shenzhen Logistics Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  SALES  Ms. Danielle Ouyang
 MANAGER  Ms. May Liao
 Perfectever Logistics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.  China  Ningbo  PROJECT MANAGER  Mr. Saber Ying
 PFC Sp. z o.o.  Poland  Warsaw  Freight Manager  Mr. Mikolaj Mazuryk
 Vice President, CEO  Mr. Bartosz Filip Samulak
 Philippe Fauveder & Cie.  France  Paris  Business Developer China  Mr. Cyril Herault
 Pingye Foreign Transportation Corp. Ltd. of Shantou S.E.Z.  China  Shantou  GM  Mr. Vinson Xu
 overseas manager  Ms. Connie Xu
 Pisces Container Lines (India) Pvt. Ltd.  India  Navi Mumbai  General Manager  Mr. Partho Ghosh
 PMS Customs And Forwarding Ltd.  Papua New Guinea  Lae  Freight Forwarding/Marketing Manager  Mr. Steven Palang
 Managing Director  Mr. David Niesi Peuba
 Port de Barcelona  Spain  Barcelona   Port Community Promotion Manager  Mr. Manuel Galan
 Ports Express Limited  China  Guangzhou  GENERAL MANAGER - CHINA  Mr. Patrick Fong
 Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  ROUTE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER  Mr. Jason Wong
 Potent Cargo Services Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Marketing Manager  Mr. Andy Cheng
 Premiere Global Solutions Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  General Manager  Ms. Poh Leng Poh
 Primy Ocean Air Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Development Manager  Mr. Wong Ka Wai
 Branch Manager  Mr. Lin Xiao
 Priority Freight Services  United Arab Emirates  Sharjah  Manager  Mr. Ramil Viola Go
 Pro Global Logistics Pty. Ltd.  Australia  Melbourne  CEO  Mr. Louis Che Cheung
 Prudential Freight Forwarders LLP  India  Bangalore  Designated Partner  Mr. Michael Bernanto C
 PT Mandala Samudra Trans  Indonesia  Semarang  DIRECTOR  Mr. Eko Sudjatmiko
 PT. Dian Mulia Freightravel  Indonesia  Jakarta  Managing Director  Mr. Franky Frans
 PT. Dinamika Expressindo  Indonesia  Surabaya  General Manager  Mrs. Emirawati Soebroto
 PTT Polymer Logistics Company Limited  Thailand  Bangkok  Customs Clearance Officer  Ms. Wanna Jantrasakul
 Distribution Planning and Freight Management Manager  Mr. Thapana Arphiwatkarun
 Qingdao Chengye International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  GM  Mr. Wei Li
 Vice-GM  Mrs. Chunyan Li
 Manager  Ms. Yanan Geng
 Mr. Liqiang Yuan
 Qingdao China Electric Power International Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Marketing Manager  Mr. Xiaoming Fan
 Qingdao JD Cargo International Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Oversea Customer Service  Mr. Feng Yang
 Qingdao Luhai Group  China  Qingdao  Manager  Mr. Shao Hua Tao
 Mr. Li Wen Yu
 Mrs. Yuan Dong
 Mr. Zhang Miao
 Qingdao Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  overseas dept. manager  Ms. Suzy Ju
 Projects Dep.Manager  Mr. Aron Li
 Overseas business coordinator  Ms. Tina Wang
 Operation Director  Mr. Kennie Zhang
 Qingdao Sanston International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  Manager  Mr. Victor Chang
 Qingdao World Glory Logistics Co.,Ltd.  China  Qingdao  General Manager  Mr. Jerry Zhao
 Overseas Development Supervisor  Mr. Kevin Sun
 Qualitair & Sea International  France  Paris  Overseas Network Director  Mr. Tarek Zaki Hegazy
 Quality Freight Ltd.  Ireland  Dublin  COMMERCIAL MANAGER  Mr. Shaun Ryan
 Quattro Shipping & Forwarding Services Co. S.A.E.  Egypt  Cairo  Assistant Business Development Manager  Mr. Hossam Shaheen
 C.E.O  Mr. Tamer M. Kadry
 Quick Cargo Service GmbH  Germany  Frankfurt  Ocean Freight Manager  Mr. Ingo Schmich
 Business Development Manager  Ms. Christina Rausch
 Business Development Manager Greater China  Mrs. Jitong Ohletz Wang
 General Manager  Mr. Stephan Haltmayer
 Rahat Continental Pvt. Ltd. (India)  India  Mumbai  Vice President  Mr. Manik Sachdeva
 New Delhi  General Manager  Mr. Charan Kishore Sharma
 Ranur Agenciamento de Cargas e Transportes Ltda.  Brazil  Sao Paulo  Managing Director  Mr. Benjamin Min
 Pricing Manager  Mr. Mauricio Martins
 Reliance Freight Systems LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  DGM Airfreight  Mr. Dean Ashish
 DGM Commercial Sales  Mr. Abdur Rahman
 RJJ Freight Limited  United Kingdom  London  Commercial Director  Mr. Martin Cox
 Managing Director  Mr. Sten Bagert
 Rotra Air & Ocean BV  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Vice President  Mr. Machiel Roelofsen
 Rush Cargo S.R.L.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Managing Partner  Mr. Daniel Marcelo Tarditti
 S F Systems Ltd.  United States of America  New York, NY  President  Mr. Richard Shifu Lin
 S-sense Logistics Limited  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  General Manager  Ms. Crystal Au
 Sanyuan Yuntong Int`l Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Supervisor  Mrs. Cynthia Shi Yu
 SEA GLOBAL SCM LTD.  China  Shenzhen  PIC - Central & South America Trade Lane  Ms. Alice Zhao Deling
 Transpacific Manager  Ms. Lydia Wang
 Director - Overseas Development Department  Mr. Steven Shi
 Seajet Company Limited  China  Beijing  C/S  Mr. Oscar Xue
 Director of BD  Mr. David Yan
 Secure Shipping Services Co., Ltd  Myanmar  Yangon (Rangoon)  Managing Director  Ms. Win Pa Pa
 Segaduanca  Venezuela  Caracas  President  Mr. Alberto Chacin
 Servotech Private Limited  Pakistan  Karachi  Director  Mr. Amin Altaf
 Servotech Shipping and Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Directors  Mr. Arslan Altaf
 Seven Seas Shipping USA, Inc  United States of America  Los Angeles, CA  President  Mr. Hansel Dsouza
 SFS Global Logistics  Philippines  Manila  VP/MARKETING  Mr. Horacio R. Cruz Jr
 Shandong Horizon International Co., Ltd  China  Qingdao  General Manager  Mr. Andy Wang
 Shandong Oranda Logistics co.,Ltd  China  Qingdao  overseas & marketing department manager  Ms. Ting Wang
 operation manager  Ms. Jiang Li
 Shanghai ADP Prosperous Intel Logistics Co.,Ltd ,  China  Shanghai  overseas customer service  Ms. Cathy Ren
 General Manager of ADP Prosperous Logistics  Mr. Jun Yao
 Shanghai Asian Development International Trans Pudong Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Sales Director  Ms. Faye Gu
 Shanghai Asian Development International Transport Pudong Co., Ltd(ADP GROUP )  China  Shanghai  General Manager,Airfreight  Mr. James Zhu
 Shanghai Asian Development Int`l Trans Pudong Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch  China  Qingdao  wca customer manager  Mrs. Yinchong Xu
 Shanghai Boing International Logistics Co.,Ltd  China  Shanghai  General manager  Mr. Lin Gui
 Shanghai EASTON International Forwarding Co., Ltd  China  Shanghai  Marketing  Mr. Henry Ai
 Shanghai Fanfei International Transportation Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  manager  Ms. Wendy Luo
 Shanghai High Line Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  sales manager  Mr. Gang Xue
 general manager  Mrs. Hong Tang
 Shanghai Jinchang Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Assistant Manager  Ms. Chun Zuo
 Shanghai Jiyida International Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Shanghai  GENERAL MANAGER ASSISTANT  Mr. Nikko Zhao
 Mr. Pierre Zhang
 Shanghai Maysun International Freight Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Deputy G.M.  Ms. Andrea Wu
 General Manager  Mr. Andy Liu
 Shanghai MenQ Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Director  Mrs. Madeline Chen
 Shanghai Noble International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Dept. Manager  Mr. Benny Ji
 PRESIDENT  Mr. James Xia
 Shanghai Oceanflorir International Transportation Co., Ltd  China  Shanghai  Manager of Overseas Dept.  Mr. William .
 Shanghai Shining International Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Shanghai  General Manager  Mrs. Grace Shi
 Shanghai Ultrafast International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Supervisor  Mrs. Peilu Liang
 Shanghai Wisdom global logistics co.,ltd.  China  Shanghai  consolidation dept. G.M.  Mr. Lin Shang Mao
 Shanghai Youthever Freight Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Manager  Mrs. Wenyu Tang
 SHANGHAI YUZHOU INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.  China  Shanghai  Overseas Director  Mr. Leon Zhu
 Managing Director  Mr. Paul Wang
 Sharaf Shipping Agency LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Asst. General Manager - Sales  Mr. Dinesh Singh
 Sharp Cargo Logistics Ltd  Bangladesh  Dhaka  VICE PRESIDENT  Mr. Md Mostaque Amin
 Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Market Executive  Mr. Jason Peng
 Trade Lane Supervisor  Ms. Star He
 Shenzhen Boing International Freight Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Oversea Manager  Mrs. Icy Teng
 Shenzhen Donghong Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Shenzhen  OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT MANAGER  Mr. Nick Zhang
 Shenzhen EASTON International Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Sales  Mr. Edwin Zou
 Shenzhen JW Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Jacky Qin
 Shenzhen Perways Logistics Company Limited  China  Shenzhen  Oversea sales manager  Mrs. Wing Deng
 Shenzhen Shining Ocean International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas sales  Ms. Diana Tang
 Overseas sales supervisor  Ms. Celia Gao
 Overseas sales  Ms. Smile Lv
 Ms. Claire Zhu
 Shenzhen Yee Zhan Yuan International Freight Co., Ltd  China  Shenzhen  oversea market supervisor  Ms. Leaf Ye
 Shikhar Logistics Private Limited  India  New Delhi  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Manoj Satija
 Shipair Express (HK) Ltd.  Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Asst. General Sales Manager  Mr. John Chia
 General Manager  Mr. Chan Raymond
 Shirams Nigeria Ltd  Nigeria  Lagos  Managing Director  Mr. Omoruyi Osemwekhae
 Silk Express Freight (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd  Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur  Customer Services Supervisor  Ms. Cherry Lau
 Silk Express Freight Japan Ltd.  Japan  Tokyo  Managing Director  Mr. Benjamin Khoo
 Director  Ms. Atsuko Domae
 Silk Express Freight Pte. Ltd.  Singapore  Singapore  Operations Manager  Mr. Valentino Tang
 Customer Services Officer  Ms. Anita Song
 Silk Route Shipping SRL  Romania  Constanta  General Manager  Mr. Adrian Istrate Scradeanu
 Forwarding Manager  Mrs. Anda Bolovan
 Sino-Eagle International Transport Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Int. Bus. Dev. Manager  Mr. Robert Lloyd
 Sino-Worlink International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Business Director  Ms. Kchelly Zhang
 Sea & Air Market Manager  Mr. Alex Sun
 SinoBo International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Tianjin  President  Mr. Richard Jun Zhang
 Sinotech Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  manager  Mr. Vincent Zhang
 Mr. Day Deng
 Director  Ms. Jennifer Yuan
 manager  Ms. Echo Lee
 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd Eastern Branch  China  Shanghai  Export Manager  Mr. Qiu Yicheng
 Overseas Dept. Manager  Ms. Amy Geng
 General Manager  Mr. Wu Weisheng
 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co.,Ltd. Tianjin Branch  China  Tianjin  The sales manager  Mr. Liu Shi Qi
 Marketing Supervisor  Ms. Sun Qin Jinzi
 Sinotrans Fujian Co., Ltd. Freight Management Division  China  Xiamen  Account Manager  Mrs. Adele Wu
 Sinotrans Guangdong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd  China  Guangzhou  Overseas Senior Supervisor  Mr. Edgar Wu
 Overseas Business Manager  Ms. Anna Li
 Sinotrans Limited  China  Beijing  Beijing  Ms. Xiwen Chen
 SINOTRANS SHANDDONG CO.,LTD SHIPPING BRANCH  China  Qingdao  deputy genaral manager  Mr. Jiang Xin
 SINOTRANS SHANDONG HONGZHI LOGISTICS CO., LTD.  China  Zibo  mananger  Mr. Zhai Zhaokun
 Purchasing Manager  Mr. Jerry Yang
 Sintra S.P.A.  Italy  Bologna  PRESIDENT  Mr. Gianluca Schiassi
 Sky International Freight Management B.V.  Netherlands  Amsterdam  Marketing & Sales Manager  Mr. Murat Demir
 Director Marketing & Sales  Mr. Baris Kurt
 Sky International Logistics (Ningbo) Ltd.  China  Ningbo  Overseas Manager Assistant  Mrs. Shammy Gu
 Skyways Group  India  New Delhi  Assistant Manager  Mr. Harjeet Singh
 Slade Shipping Inc.  United States of America  Houston, TX  President  Mr. Robert Joe Peska
 Softlink Global Pvt. Ltd.  India  Mumbai  Sr. Business Development Manager  Mr. Bhavesh Solanki
 CEO  Mr. Amit Maheshwari
 Space Link Transportation Co., Ltd.  Taiwan  Taipei  Managing Director  Mr. Tony Haddad
 Speedlink Cargo  Zimbabwe  Harare  Director  Mr. Joseph Muchena
 Star Shipping (Pvt) Ltd  Pakistan  Karachi  Director - Projects  Mr. Muhammad Kamran Muhammad
 Steder Group B.V.  Netherlands  Rhoon  General manager  Mr. Leo Goudt
 Sun Express (Thailand) Co Ltd  Thailand  Bangkok  General Manager  Ms. Ning Pornpairoa T.
 Assistant Marketing Manager  Ms. Rungarun Jirawatthavorn
 Sunco Logistics Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Vice President  Ms. Susan Li
 Mr. Michael Zhang
 Super Bridge Logistics LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  President  Mr. Muhammad Zafar Habib
 Synergy Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  India  Delhi  MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Siva Sankaran Earinjipurath
 Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Hangzhou  Oversea Manager  Mr. Alan Zhu
 Shenzhen  Business Development Manager of Overseas Dept  Ms. Jessie Lee
 Wuxi  overseas coodinator  Ms. Wang Lin
 T.V.L. Global Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Marketing Manager  Mr. Fernando Wu
 Xiamen  Oversea sales  Ms. Yingjing Huang
 T.V.L. Global Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch  China  Shanghai  MANAGER  Ms. Joyce Ji
 Ms. Hatty Wu
 Taggart International, Ltd.  United States of America  Chicago, IL  Regional Manager  Mr. Jason D Shank
 Miami, FL  Executive Vice President  Mr. Sean K Scarbrough
 TAI Trans Auriga International Logistics GmbH  Germany  Stuttgart  Managing Director  Mr. Timo Wittmann
 Taiwan Express Co., Ltd.  Taiwan  Taipei  Manager  Mr. Kenson Lee
 Project Manager  Mr. Edward Lin
 Talod Oceanair Freight Ltd  Nigeria  Lagos  DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS  Mr. Odu Olawale Waheed
 Talwin Transport Service S.A.  Argentina  Buenos Aires  Business Development  Mrs. Maria Leticia Clausi
 TCI International Logistics B.V.  Netherlands  Rotterdam  Managing Director  Mr. Johannes Grimm
 TCI International Logistics GmbH  Germany  Hamburg  Managing Director  Mr. Marcus Schlapper
 Thami Shipping & Airfreight Corp.  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Import Manager  Ms. Chung Thi Pham
 Air Office Manager  Ms. Thuy Thi Mai
 The Vision Shipping LLC  United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Chairman and Sales Director  Mr. Saqib Mehmood
 Tiba Internacional S.A.  Spain  Valencia  Corporate Development Manager  Mr. Willem Boers
 Tirsped Co., Ltd.  Poland  Warsaw  Director  Mrs. Malgorzata Prochnicka
 Assistant to the Board  Mr. Kamil Tyszko
 General Director  Mr. Zbigniew Tyszko
 Titanic Ocean Services (Pvt) Ltd.  India  New Delhi  Director  Mr. Sunish Ahuja
 TNR Logistics (Shanghai) Limited  China  Shanghai  Sales Director  Mr. Henry Lee
 Todel Investments Ltd  Nigeria  Port-Harcourt  Ceo  Mr. Theodore Uchenna Ejezie
 Tokyo Freight Services Co W.L.L.  Qatar  Doha  Managing Director  Mr. Abdulla Muthanikatt
 Tokyo Sanyu Shipping Co., Ltd.  Japan  Tokyo  Sub Manager international devision  Ms. Yuko Shomura
 President  Mr. Toru Inoue
 TOP LINE GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD  China  Wuxi  CEO  Mr. Chenky Jiang
 Top Speed International Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Deputy General Manager  Mr. Alex Chen
 Topworld Global Logistic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Air Dept. Supervisor  Mr. Chark Qin
 TotalViax, C.A.  Venezuela  Caracas  Director  Mr. Alfredo Sanchez
 Tradewings (Chile) Ltd.  Chile  Santiago  Manager  Mrs. Catherine D. Taylor
 Sales Manager  Ms. Carrie Taylor
 Managing Director  Mr. Ian M. Taylor
 Trans Business International  France  Paris  Sales Freight Manager  Mr. Tony Tard
 Trans Global Logistics  Ghana  Tema  CONSOLIDATION SUPERVISOR  Mr. Paul Mensah
 Operations Director  Mr. James Boateng
 Trans Van Links Express Corp. (T.V.L.)  Taiwan  Taipei  Sale and Service  Ms. Jasmine Chen
 Trans Van Links Express Corp. Kaohsiung Branch(T.V.L.)  Taiwan  Kaohsiung  Manager  Mr. Andy Chen
 Trans Van Links Express Corp. Taichung Branch (T.V.L.)  Taiwan  Taichung  Operation Manager  Ms. Kate Huang
 Trans World Logistics , LLC  United States of America  New York, NY  General Manager  Mr. Shlomo Greenberg
 Trans-China Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Xiamen  Key Account Manager  Ms. Megan Qiu
 Ms. Rita Chen
 Trans-Hope International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  General Manager  Mr. Dullas Wei
 Transimex Cameroun SA  Cameroon  Douala  Country Manager  Ms. Wei Jin
 OPM  Mr. Chouaibou Njankouo
 Logistic Manager  Mr. Duke Tan
 Transit Fret (Transfret)  Senegal  Dakar  PDG  Mr. Baba Traore
 Directeur commercial  Mr. Dame Mbaye Dame Mbaye
 Translink Logistics Pvt Ltd  India  Chennai  Director  Mr. Ravi Prasad P V
 Transmatic Express Limited  Taiwan  Taipei  Director  Mr. Ivan Lee
 Transnatur, S.A.  Spain  Barcelona  Sea and AIR General Manager  Mr. Jorge Martinez Cardenas
 Transocean  Russian Federation  Moscow  CEO  Ms. Ylle Lipre
 Transocean Shipping International Transport & Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.  Turkey  Istanbul  MANAGING PARTNER  Mr. Kaan Avuncan
 Transolution Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Beijing  Overseas Manager  Ms. Gloria He
 Manager Assistant  Mr. Rik Lee
 TRANSPED  Spain  Valencia  Project Manager  Mr. Andres Naranjo
 Transpole Logistics Private Limited.  China  Shenzhen  Regional Manager -S.PRC  Mr. Chevy Shum
 General Manager - S. China & HK  Mr. Bill Bee
 Transpole Logistics Pvt Ltd  China  Qingdao  GM Qingdao  Ms. Betty Liu
 Shanghai  Group VP. Agency Development  Mr. Rashi Gangwani
 Hong Kong, China  Kowloon  Group CEO  Mr. Anant Kumar Choudhary
 Triple Stone International Logistics Company Limited  China  Shanghai  Overseas Business Development  Mr. Joey Liu
 Mrs. Nancy Sheng
 Trustworthy Shipping Company Ltd  China  Guangzhou  OVERSEAS MANAGER  Mrs. Guangqiang Tan
 TSL Australia  Australia  Melbourne  Operations Manager  Ms. Alice Xia
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Allan Hou
 Turn Key Int`l Logistic Co., Ltd.  China  Guangzhou  G.M  Ms. Yukey Lv
 Tuscania (a division of Fanfani SRL)  Italy  Livorno  Sales Manager  Mr. Nicola Pirrone
 UBI Logistics (China) Limited  China  Shanghai  Business Development Director  Ms. Janiffer Cao
 UCH International Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shanghai  Director Sales  Mr. Ajay Bansal
 General Manager  Mr. Lewis You
 Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd  Kenya  Mombasa  OPERATIONS MANAGER  Mr. Tom Ogallo Muok
 MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Shadrack Mayende Wasike
 UICO Global Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Director,Group Management  Mr. James Hu
 Uni - Express International  China  Tianjin  Operation Supervisor  Ms. Candy Li
 Unibright Logistics Limited  United Kingdom  London  Director  Mrs. Linda Yang
 United American Line / Worldwide Freight Services, Inc.  United States of America  New Jersey, NJ  President  Mr. Mohammad Tahir
 Unsworth Global Logistics  United Kingdom  London  Business Development  Mr. Neil Shah
 Director  Mr. Charles Hogg
 V R Logistics Pvt. Ltd  India  Ludhiana  Director Import  Mr. Vijay Dwivedi
 Business Development Manager  Mr. Yuv Kunwar Singh Sandhu
 Director Export  Mr. Prabhat Dwivedi
 Van Dongen Logistics  Netherlands  Rotterdam  Director  Mr. Jan Van Dongen
 Vasant Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  India  Ahmedabad  Managing Director  Mr. Yash Vasant
 VCK Logistics  Netherlands  Rotterdam  Import sales manager  Mr. Cor Buscop
 General manager  Mr. Rob Van Steensel
 Venezuelan International Logistic "VILCA", C.A.  Venezuela  Caracas  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Juan Miguel Polese
 PRESIDENT  Ms. Haydee C. Silva
 Vinalines Logistics Viet Nam JSC  Vietnam  Hanoi  Marketing Manager  Mr. Vu Quoc Trinh
 VINALINK International Freight Forwarders  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  Seafreight Consolidation Manager  Mrs. Ha Thi Phuong Oanh
 Deputy General Director  Mr. Dinh Quang Ngoc
 Voltrans Logistics Co., Ltd.  Vietnam  Hochiminh City  General Director  Mr. Peter Vo Ta Vinh
 Warehousers Solutions SA DE CV DBA NGB International  Mexico  Guadalajara  Logistics Procurement  Mr. Miguel Angel Olvera Motta
 Founder and CFO  Mr. Jonathan Sheridan
 Warehousing and Distribution Manager  Mr. Francisco Gustavo Malvido Alvarez
 Head of our Customs Department  Mr. Ricardo Moreno Aguilar
 WCA  China  Shanghai  Membership Development - China  Ms. Juliet Shen
 Vice President - China  Mr. Damin Wang
 Ghana  Accra  General Manager | Africa  Mr. Charles GOLI
 India  Mumbai  Regional Manager - India  Mrs. Rita Ganesh Ramojela
 Regional Manager - Middle East  Mr. Dominic Fernandez
 Kenya  Nairobi  Vice President - Africa  Mr. Gangadhar Iyer
 Netherlands  Amsterdam  Vice President - Europe  Ms. Monica Tappi
 Regional Manager Europe  Mr. Erwin Van Der Genugten
 Thailand  Bangkok  IT Manager  Mr. O-part Korsanan
 President/CEO  Mr. David Yokeum
 Regional Manager Asia Pacific  Mr. Gilbert Carillo Perez
 Vice President - Specialist Networks  Mr. Brian Majerus
 Turkey  Istanbul  Regional Manager - Near & Middle East and CIS  Ms. Simge Erdag
 Unied States of America  Sunrise, FL  Executive Vice President  Mr. Mark Mairowitz
 Regional Manager - North America  Mr. Bryce Barnhart
 United States of America  Miami, FL  Web Developer  Ms. Sudarat Wisiteerakul
 WCA Perishables  The Netherlands  Amsterdam  General Manager - WCA Perishables,Time Critical & Pharma  Mr. Adam McKenna
 WCA Projects  Thailand  Bangkok  General Manager - WCA Projects and Dangerous Goods  Mr. Bruce Albert Cutillo
 WCA Relocations  Thailand  Bangkok  General Manager - WCA Relocations  Mr. Victor Gomez
 WCA Risk Management  Hong Kong, China  Hong Kong  Group Executive Director  Mr. Philip Bilney
 Director  Mr. Angus Galbraith
 Broker  Ms. Queency Chau
 Customer Services Manager - HY Marine Risks Limited  Ms. Delina Ding
 Assistant Manager - ITAL Asia  Mr. Sim Yong Poh
 Associate Director  Ms. Monica Lee
 Manager - HY Marine Risks Limited  Mr. Lee Li
 Weida Freight System Co., Ltd.  China  Qingdao  director  Mr. Victor Wei
 Wells Shipping Agency  China  Shenzhen  General Manager  Mr. Elvis Lau
 Business Development Manager Middle East Division  Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
 Werner Global Logistics U.S., LLC  United States of America  Omaha, NE  Business Development Manager  Mr. Enric Tian
 Whale Logistics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd  China  Shanghai  Oversea Manager  Mr. Kint Wang
 Whale Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Station Manager  Mr. Herbert Lee
 Wice Freight Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Thailand  Bangkok  Marketing Executive  Ms. Sujitphorn Ketbanlu
 Customer Service  Mr. Adisorn Sae-tang
 General Manager & Director  Ms. Kim Thitimar
 Woker Freight Services (Pty) Ltd  Namibia  Walvis Bay  General Manager  Mr. Philip Coetzee
 Projects Manager  Mr. Kirsten Beeker
 World Logistics Consulting, Inc  United States of America  Chicago, IL  President  Mr. David Kwon
 World Logistics Media  United Kingdom  Staines upon Thames  Communications Director  Mr. Dan March
 Publications Manager  Ms. Amanda Warren
 World Transport International Ltda.  Chile  Santiago  Sales & Commercial Manager  Ms. Andrea Cifuentes Chalarca
 Worldbase International Logistics (Shenzhen) Ltd.  China  Shenzhen  Overseas Business Development Assistant  Ms. Millie Hu
 Vice General Manager  Mr. Frank Chen
 Overseas Department Supervisor  Ms. Zoe Liu
 Worldclass Int`l logistics(Dalian)Co.,Ltd.  China  Dalian  manager  Mrs. Jessie Liu
 Worldlink Shipping Colombo (Pvt) Ltd  Sri Lanka  Colombo  Director-Operations  Mr. Lochana Manisha Perera
 Worldwide Information Network  Thailand  Bangkok  Business Analyst (WIN)  Mr. Dhummas Mehta
 Product Manager (WIN)  Mr. Sripad Bharati
 Managing Director (WIN)  Mr. John Debenedette
 Customer Service (WIN)  Ms. Tiraporn Boonpracong
 Worldwide Logistic Partners Inc.  United States of America  Chicago, IL  President  Mr. Mitch Mitesh Kamdar
 Worldwide Logistics group  China  Shanghai  Manager  Ms. Koalas Pan
 Ms. Shlykova Yana
 X-Pand International Freight Ltd.  United Kingdom  London  Sales & Marketing Director  Mr. David Osborn
 XCC Logistics, S.A.  Panama  Panama City  GENERAL MANAGER  Mr. Omar Poveda
 XFA Global Forwarding Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  SENIOR MANAGER  Mr. Andy Low
 XFA Global Forwarding Sdn Bhd  Malaysia  Port Klang  Group Managing Director  Mr. Wilson Yong
 XFA Italy  Italy  Livorno  Export Manager  Mr. Giacomo Serena
 Import Manager  Mr. Stefano Scotto
 Managing Director  Mr. Stefano Barsotti
 XIAMEN B&D LOGISTICS.CO.,LTD  China  Xiamen  Vice General manager  Mr. Bland Yang
 Xiamen Besline Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  General Manager  Mr. Bob Su
 Xiamen Infinity Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Xiamen  manager  Mr. Kevin Zhang
 Ms. Grace Zhang
 Xiamen Jaguar Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Senior Supervisor  Ms. Sammy Wei
 Xiamen Odin Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Overseas sales Supervisor  Ms. Tina Hong
 overseas sales supervisor  Ms. Rebecca Zou
 Overseas sales supervisor  Mr. Harvey Zhang
 Xiamen Penavico Air Freight Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  oversea sales  Mrs. Julia Li
 XIAMEN REAL TRANS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD  China  Fuzhou  Assistant Commercial Manager  Ms. Lynn Lin
 Xiamen Suntond Group Co.,Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Oversea Department Manager  Ms. Yuesen Yang
 Xiamen Target Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  General Manager  Mr. Lijia Zhu
 Xiamen Transcend Logistics Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  overseas department  Ms. Fiona Yang
 Xiamen Utrans Global Logistics Co., Ltd  China  Xiamen  General Manager  Mr. Dylan Chen
 XMNVOCC Cargo Line Co., Ltd.  China  Xiamen  Customer Service Manager  Ms. Erica Chan
 Marketing Manager  Ms. Rebecca Zhang
 Deputy General Manager  Ms. Connie Shi
 YINGKOU PORT GROUP BONDED GOODS STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION CO.,LTD  China  Yingkou  One Bonded Business Manager  Mr. Rongjing Tong
 Zee Tee Express Co.  Saudi Arabia  Riyadh  DIRECTOR  Mr. Nazeer Ahamed T M
 MANAGING DIRECTOR  Mr. Ghazali Mohideen M B
 Zephyr Logistics Ltd.  China  Beijing  OVERSEAS ACCOUNT MANAGER  Mrs. Yuqi Ma
 Zhejiang Chasen Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Hangzhou  Manager  Mrs. Ruthie Fang
 Mr. Ni Wellking
 Zhejiang Sea-Win International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.  China  Ningbo  Senior Sales  Mr. Cart Yu
 Overseas Director  Mrs. Lily Huang
 Zhenhua Logistics Group Co., Ltd.  China  Tianjin  supervisor  Mr. John Qiu
 Mr. Eric Jin

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